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UpdatedJuly 25, 2022
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We discover it is tough to envisage our lives without social media. We presently live in a varied world as an outcome of the latter. Every social media site is diverse from the others. They propose a variation of services to their consumers. However, they all have one thing in mutual. They have the consequence of getting people closer concurrently. They link the communication gap between them and strengthen their friendship.

WhatsApp is, without a doubt, one of the most prominent social media services. We don’t require to go into circumstances considering its significance on the Indian subcontinent. WhatsApp is nearly universally yearned by Indians. Exists social media authorized people to prefer WhatsApp to be discerned as a secure platform. This application’s creators are likewise working poorly to enhance its security. Nonetheless, we cannot overlook its drawbacks.

YCWhatsApp is a modified version of the original WhatsApp application. There are various mod versions of WhatsApp accessible on the internet right now. Ycwhatsapp, on the other hand, exists apart since it authorizes users to revise the app’s interface and other exhibit alternatives.

YCWhatsApp APK Download Latest V4.0 For Android 2022

What exactly is the YCWhatsApp APK?

YCWhatsApp, like Soula WhatsApp APK, WhatsApp Indigo APK, WhatsApp Transparent APK, and others, is a customized version of WhatsApp. There are numerous characteristics in this apk that users will find appealing.

They can deliver any file irrespective of the file layout. They can also provide larger files. We’ll find a plethora of different emoticons and stickers here. Moreover, this apk download has hundreds of themes and backgrounds. The best part is that it is free. That’s correct! You don’t have to reimburse anything to utilize it on our Android devices. Before installing it, you don’t have to think about forfeiting your wallet’s burden.

Features of the latest version of YCWhatsApp APK

We have mentioned some Important features of YC Whatsapp below,

  • Customization is not restricted.

The main objective of YCWhatsApp is to furnish users with limitless personalization choices. This app will provide you with an entirely new WhatsApp experience. There are several built-in themes that you may expand to your app instantly after installation.

You can also utilize external websites to download WhatsApp themes and pertain them to this app. WhatsApp’s interface is also formulated to approximate Instagram and iPhone. The primary layout is identical to Instagram stories, but the settings and menu are analogous to iOS. You can distantly tweak it to fulfill your provisions.

  • WhatsApp Pro Features

WhatsApp enables you to customize your WhatsApp experience, but it also permits you to employ WhatsApp without any constraints. Some of the significant maxima have been lifted in the latest edition of WhatsApp, therefore constantly using the most recent version of this program.

Utilizing WhatsApp, you can share music and video files up to 700MB in size at once and more than 100 photos. It also authorizes you to develop groups with more than 250 members and generate status updates with 300 characters. In improvement, WhatsApp has a built-in downloader that entitles you to download anyone’s status revamps and profile portrayals.

  • Enhancements to Privacy

If you’re anxious about your secrecy on WhatsApp, you may employ the YCWhatsApp features to conserve yourself. You can protect your online status, record, typing, blue ticks, read receipts, etc.

Furthermore, you can utilize YCWhatsApp to supervise someone’s story without letting them know by employing WhatsApp anonymously. You can also assess WhatsApp logs in WhatsApp to see who has seen your story or profile picture and how many times they have seen it. Wielding WhatsApp, you can also injure online status for specific contacts.

  • Emojis and App Lock

You may lock your YCWhatsApp and regional chats without utilizing a third-party locker tool. It authorizes you to conserve your app and talks with a PIN, fingerprint, or password. You can also wield YCWhatsApp customization tools to modify your font and emoji variants if you’re weary of the standard WhatsApp emojis and fonts.

This app enables you to expand or eliminate emoji versions such as Facebook, Emoji One v3, Android 0 emoji, Google emojis, etc. WhatsApp is also smaller in size so that it won’t assume as much capacity on your cellphone as other apps.

  • It’s completely free and risk-free.

Unlike other WhatsApp MOD apps, WhatsApp is 100% available and steady. You do not require to reimburse anything to download or employ this app. If you come across a website that asks you to spend for WhatsApp, we strongly instruct you to exit instantly.

Also, because WhatsApp is based on authorized WhatsApp servers, you can anticipate end-to-end encryption. This characteristic is not accessible in other WhatsApp MOD apps like YOWhatsApp. In common, WhatsApp is an improved WhatsApp MOD than the plurality of other apps accessible online.

  • Anti-Delete

WhatsApp has an advantage that authorizes you to curb others from deleting your messages. You might recall the alternative that enables users to delete a message for all recipients. After installing this version, this functionality may be deleted from WhatsApp. As an outcome, no one will delete the message if delivered to you.

  • Media Exchange

This WhatsApp Mod program eliminates the restriction of sending media files via WhatsApp. Presently, you’ll email ten photographs at a time. Large-format videos can be dealt with friends in similar means.

  • Hide the status of “Last Seen.”

The “Last Seen” status covering feature is accessible in the original WhatsApp app. This is a prominent WA feature that safeguards each user’s secrecy.

As an outcome, the developer encompasses it into YC WA. It also has the proficiency to conceal the online status that it seems when you first open WhatsApp.

  • Hide of the Blue Tick

Not only does YC WA block the double checkmark on messages, but it also protects your “seeing” from your WA friends’ stories. This indicates that the sender’s WA will be surveyed on every message sent to your WA number. There are extra choices if you think the functionality is exaggerated. That is, by discarding the blue read checkmark from the equation.

The sender’s WA message flag stays greyed out when you glimpse an incoming WA message.

Additional Features

  • Without incorporating complicated functionality, the user interface is straightforward.
  • Upload stories for a duration of time lengthier than the 24-hour limit.
  • After the font and icon sizes to your liking.
  • Hundreds of emojis and stickers to select from.
  • If you’re sending other people’s texts, keep their names.
  • The word count for composing a bio has been expanded.
  • Make modifications to your texts.
  • Deliver your contacts broadened, high-quality videos.
  • Convey large files without being halted.
  • There is no limit to the number of tales you may fulfill.
  • Conserve control of your internet presence. Protect your blue-colored ticks and double ticks.
  • Anyone with a WhatsApp contact can text or call you.
  • You can protect other people’s stories on your Android device.
  • The downloaded capacity will be saved to the internal storage of your gadget.
  • Modify your app’s icon.
  • It is not essential to operate a third-party application to conserve it. Here you can get app-lock.
  • Here you may deliver password-protected files with comfort.

YCWhatsApp APK is available for download.

We’ve furnished sufficient data heeding the WhatsApp app, and we yearn you now have a good knowledge of it. You must also manually install the YCWhatsApp APK. If you have never installed an APK file on an Android device before, you can do so by obeying the YCWhatsApp installation methods outlined below.

  • Open Android Settings -> Security Settings initial.
  • Scroll down to Device Administration.
  • Facilitate the “Unknown Sources” preference.
  • Conserve the file in the Downloads folder on your gadget.
  • Discover the file in your storage and double-click it.
  • Stay for the installation to finalize before tapping on Install.
  • Launch the app and commence employing it straight away.

FAQs of YCWhatsApp Apk

We’ve listed a some of the most frequently asked questions about YCWhatsApp below:

Q: What is YC WhatsApp precisely?

A: YC WhatsApp is a great WhatsApp mod that furnishes users with a slew of incredible capacities that the native app scarcities.

Q: How do I get YC WhatsApp on my Android phone?

A: Installing the app on your device is relatively easy. This article shows you how to install YC WhatsApp on your Android gadget.

Q: Is it a safe product to use?

A: Yes, utilizing the app is entirely risk-free. You can employ this software without concern about your gadget’s security or hazards.

Q: Is it possible to get it for free?

A: Yes, customers can download the software for free. You must initial download the app from here, after which you may make usage of all of the benefits that it furnishes to users for no expense at all.


YCWhatsApp APK is one of the most prominent WhatsApp mods. It has all of the characteristics that the original version does not. It has garnered favorable feedback from people and websites all over the nation. So, what are you waiting for? Now is the moment to get it.

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