2022 Top Used Whatsapp Group Link App

Whatsapp Group Link App: Today Whatsapp is one of the most used social media in the world. Groups are used on WhatsApp to talk to many people at once. Today, millions of groups are created on WhatsApp every day. But many people keep looking for similar Whatsapp group link apps. Through this those people can talk with them by adding to other’s Whatsapp groups. Whatsapp has provided you with the feature of joining the unlimited group. You will not have a limit on any type of group join. You can find Whatsapp group links mostly through the Whatsapp group link app. About which we will tell you today.

By the way, there are many such web pages on Google. Where you will find many Whatsapp group links. But if you find a group link through the Whatsapp group link app. So in that, you will find updated and working groups mostly.

2021 Top Used Whatsapp Group Link App

Because all these applications are updated daily. And also in all these applications, you will have thousands of group links listed for you in thousands of categories, not just one or two. Also, you only have to click on the link of your choice to join.

There are many benefits of joining the Whatsapp group. Through Group, you can do everything from making new friends to promoting your business. If you are an affiliate marketer. So you can also get your product sold through the Whatsapp group.

But for this, you will have to join a lot of Whatsapp groups related to your product category. And for this, the Whatsapp group link app will help you a lot. About which. I am going to tell you here.

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2022 Top Used Whatsapp Group Link App For Group Join

In the normal Whatsapp application, it happens that without the request of the admin, you could not join his group earlier. But a few days ago, Whatsapp launched this unique feature.

In which Whatsapp group you can join the group through its group link without any admin’s permission. But for you to join the group, it is very important to have its link. But if you do not even have a group link and no admin number.

So in such a situation, the Whatsapp group link app will help a lot to get you added to the Whatsapp group.

In the below. I will share with you the information of some top Whatsapp group link app providing applications. In all these applications, you will get to see millions of Whatsapp group links. And all these applications are available on the Google play store.

You can easily download all of the Whatsapp group link apps from the play store. Along with this, I will also provide you the Whatsapp group link app with its direct downloading link.

Top Apk For Provide Whatsapp Group Link

We will tell you all the Whatsapp group links apps below according to the numbering. All of them are listed according to downloading and rating. Maybe an app should be put up or down. But we will try to provide you with the best app in our way.

1. Group Joiner: Join Unlimited Social Groups

We have placed the Group joiner application in the first place of the Whatsapp group link app because the user interface of this app is very good along with its rating and downloading surface. You will find it very easy while use it.

Because not much function has been provided to you in this. What a user needs to join the WhatsApp group. The same function has been inserted only in this app. This app should not become a bit heavy by adding more functions.

So that you will find it difficult to load it. That is why in this, along with the WhatsApp group link of every category, you are given a different feature in it.

You can also add your Whatsapp group link to it. After being updated, in whichever category of this application, you would have added your link. I Will start appearing in that category.

You will normally get this application to download on the Google play store. Along with that, I will also provide you with its downloading link below.

Most of the rating of this application is given only 5 ★. You can also read their rating on the Play store.

Downloading:- 1 Lakh+

Rating:- 4.1

Cons:- Let me talk about the drawback of this app. So people say that ads are shown too much in this app. When you will open this app. So you will start showing many ads on the screen.

Download Now

2. Join Group For Whats Link Join Active Groups 2022

If we talk about this group. So its download is not much done yet. Because this application has just been uploaded to the new Google play store. But this application is quite amazing.

On the home page of this app, you will find it in the category list. Funny group, and Whatsapp group of every kind of category from Dating & Love to Science & Technology. You will get the link in this application. I am keeping this app on the second number because of its rating. It has a rating of 4.2 on the Google Play Store.

Most of them have a rating of five and the review is quite good. You can read the review of this app through the play store. Also in this application, you are provided with the features to add your Whatsapp group link like above.

According to my research, this application is run in Pakistan. The developer of this app has put the application in all the play stores. All of them have created the same app related to all Whatsapp group link apps. Maybe they will have more experience with the Whatsapp group links. You can download it from the play store. Otherwise, I am going to provide its download link below.


Rating:- 4.2

Cons:- If we talk about the drawback of this app, then its interface is not much attractive.

Download Now

3. Join Active Social Groups 2022

If we talk about joining an active social group then both its rating and downloading are not that special. Still, we are keeping it at number three. And the reason for this is its homepage interface, if you download this application to join your Whatsapp group link.

So in this, you will get a group link as well as its look will attract you a lot. Group links of all the categories have been provided in this application. So to attract people, even more, different types of cool images have also been used in it. So that users can filter the category better.

In this application also you have been provided with the features to add your Whatsapp group link. When we were reading its review, we enjoyed reading its review, most people have given this Whatsapp group link app a rating of five only.

But I will tell its average rating below. You can have both its rating and rating on the play store. Also, you can download it from there.

If you want don’t waste much time searching to download this app on the google play store. So I will also provide you with the downloading link of this app below. By clicking on this you can go for direct download in this app.

Downloading:- 50T+


Cons:- When I was researching this app. So I noticed that the developer of this app has made only one app. So maybe they have not set up ads properly in this app. That is why in this app you can see ads anywhere.

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4. Whatsapp Group link – Join Active Group

This app has been placed in the fourth position because its rating is right but its review has been given a little less by some people. When I was reading this review, I felt a little wrong about it. That’s why I am keeping it in the fourth.

However, I have made a list of all the Whatsapp groups. link apps so far. Among them, this app is the most downloaded application. If I talk about the specialty of this app. So its interface is also very good as compared to other apps. Along with that, its rating is also fine.

Compared to other apps, more features have been provided in this app. If you face any kind of problem in running this application. So by going to their menu, you will also get the option to connect to the social media account of the developer of that app.

You can talk to them through their social media. I found this very good feature of this app. You will find many categories of Whatsapp group links in this app, in which you will get many group links to join.

You can easily download this app from the play store. You will find it at the top. Because the downloading of this app is the highest. That is why the play store will also show this app at the top. Apart from that, the downloading link is given below. You can use that too.

Downloading:- 5L+

Rating:- 3.2

Cons:- I found the only drawback of this app is that the review of this app is a bit bad. Everything else seemed right in this. You are also being given the option to add a group link in this.

Download Now

5. Join Social group Unlimited

The interface of this app is also as simple as above. I am keeping this app in the last because it looks not that attractive. But its download is more than one lakh. You will get more than 25 Sports, News, and many other categories of Whatsapp groups to join this.

The reviews of these apps are also very good. In this, most of the people have given very good reviews on the 5-star surface. You will also find it on the Play store. But to download this app, you have to use the download button below. Because it will take you some time to find these apps.


Rating:- 3.7

Cons:- Looks like this app is not that attractive. Also, the menu function is not given in it. So that the user can use it well.

Download Now

How to Join Whatsapp group By these Whatsapp group link apps?

Even so, you must have come to know about the Top Whatsapp group link app, which provides you with a very good and large amount of Whatsapp group links. Now we know that through these applications we will be able to join the group.

I am sharing its steps below. If you face any problem then you can take the help of images. Also, I am telling you about only one application. Because it is very difficult to tell about all the applications.

That’s why how do I group to join from the topmost application? I am telling you the way. And all the apps will be reduced in the same way.

  1. First of all open, any application downloaded from the Google play store. Here we are opening this application.
  2. After that, you will get many categories on the one page of that app itself. In whichever category of the group, you want to join. Click on that category.
  3. Then you will get many Whatsapp groups related to that category. Along with this, you will also see the Join button in front of it. Simply click on that Join button.
  4. Now it will redirect you to your Whatsapp application. And there you will be asked for your permission to join and cancel. So you have to click on Join.

After that, you will be automatically joined in that group. Then you can message in that group whatever you want. You can talk to the member of that group.


All the apps are described here. All of them provide you group. But all the groups were able to join. We do not have its guarantee. Maybe the group you want to join. But that group is already full. Or that group link has been revoked. So in such a situation, you cant add to your selected group.

Whatsapp Group Link App FAQ

Can we also put our group link in this application?

The answer is no if you make your core groups. If you want that more and more members in that group increase the number of the member by adding your link to that app through that application. So it might not be so.

Although the answer could be yes. But there is no guarantee of whether those people will add your link or not. You will have to talk to the creator or owner of that application first. Which you can talk about this by going to their Help page.

Send them your message with your group link and category. If they check your message. And when they feel that your group link should also be added. Then they can also add your group link.

Will this group be safe? Will there be some kind of scam?

If we talk about the Safe or Unsafe of the group provided by an application like these. So according to me, it is safe. Because till now, no such bug has been seen in Whatsapp, due to which our Whatsapp or mobile has got to hear any kind of complaint to Unsafe in joining the group. Yes, the matter is different and the chances of scams remain a bit.

Because if you join a group related to Earning or Cryptocurrency. So there are already many people doing deals there. With this, you will not know who is a scammer and who is not. That is why be careful while dealing with this type of group or else you may also get scammed.

Are new group links updated every day in these applications?

To install this app means you need good groups. If in such a situation, the question must have come to your mind whether new group links are updated every day in these apps. So the answer is no, it is very difficult to update the group link every day.

Because of this, lakhs of group links have been given in thousands of categories. In such a situation, a new group in every category will sit to update every day. So it will not happen. Although it is updated once or twice a month.

Is the group link given by these apps private?

The answer is no, you will get all the group links in it. It will all be public. Because these people do not share private group links. Because they do not get any such group link. And keeping the user in mind, they only provide good public group links for them. So that users can easily add to the group without any admin permission.

Whatsapp Group Link App Conclusion:

If you are still searching on the Internet about the Whatsapp group link app. So stop looking for it now. Because in this article you have been provided all the information related to the Whatsapp group link app.

Here we have told about such Top 10 Best Whatsapp group link apps. Which is highest in Rating and Downloading. Along with this, the way to join the group has also been shared with you. Along with this, we have also shared the FAQ related to it.

So that you can know everything related to it. We hope that after reading this article, your online search related to it would have stopped. If you want to ask any type of question related to this article. So you can comment below. Also, do not forget to share it on your social media at all.

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