Super Clone Mod APK v4.0.01.0612 Download [Pro Unlocked]
NameSuper Clone Mod APK
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UpdatedJuly 10, 2022
MOD FeaturesPremium

Alternative App: Magic Call Mod APK

As we progress to a new generation, this generation is of Internet and Connectivity. In this generation, people are busy and rushed with their careers and growth. Today’s world is filled with enthusiastic people who want to progress with the help of multi-tasking. Therefore, they either have multiple accounts to manage everything they are going through or dealing with. Therefore, to ease their situation of them, numerous applications help them in having multiple accounts on their single device. This not only helps them in managing the staff as well as multi-task most easily and conveniently. One of the most widely used applications is Super Clone, which provides suitable cloning of the software, applications, accounts, etc., without any hassle. This makes it one of the most prior applications that are being used among the users. 

What is Super Clone Mod Apk?

Super Clone Mod Apk is the application that is meant for cloning the applications as well as the accounts for the user. The primary objective of this application is to provide the facility of cloning most of the documents and the funds for the betterment of the user. This application is made up for the android system, and it works best with the android operating system. It helps in easy and safe without sharing valuable or personal information with any third-party app. Most people trust this application because of its privacy and security reasons, as it keeps all the information hidden. Moreover, it consists of a feature of borderline, where the application does not share the information with any of the cloned apps, making it secure from any threat. 


The super clone has multiple features for the user to use and has complete control over the application. When it comes to cloning, the user looks for a safe and secure application with several features that can make the experience of the user better and more interactive. Some of the features provided by the Super Clone to its user are given below:

  • Re-application: Re-application is the feature of cloning the application with a whole new interface and no memory from the one that is already available on the device. Thus, Super Clone creates a completely new application for the user and will maintain the application’s authenticity by protecting the sharing of the data from one application to the other. The term is re-application because it creates an entirely new application based on the already existing application’s user interface, along with providing complete access to use multi-accounts. 
  • Multi-accounts: Multi-accounts allow the creation of clones of the same application multiple times. However, the feature was exclusively reserved for the premium members only, and it was one of the paid services of the application. However, the Super Clone Mod Apk comes with the feature for free, and the user who enjoys the parts will have full privilege without any boundaries or limitations, as many companies do not allow the use of multi-accounts or switch accounts options. Therefore, the Super Clone Mod APK enables the function and facility of the multi-account choice. 
  • Notes: The application also comes with the facility of the notes. Within the notes, the user can have the facility to write down the vital information as per the requirement, and it can be shared within the applications that are cloned. These notes can also be used as a reminder or an indication to clear out which app needs to be used for which purpose, in the case where there are multiple accounts within the device. It helps in giving them identification of which application has what kind of information.
  • Decoy logo: The decoy logo is the feature that helps the user to decoy the application from the reach of any untrustworthy person. This feature allows the user to change the logo and the logo name so as to hide the personal as well as critical application from getting into the wrong hands. This helps in protecting the privacy of the users. 
Super Clone mod apk

General Description:  

This is a description of the application as well as the file size of the application. Moreover, it gave out little details of the functions and the features of the application so that users have a general idea of what they will get inside the application.

Super Clone mod apk

Privacy and security of Super Clone:

The application of Super Clone Mod APK comes with a safe and secure in terms of maintaining personal information from getting leaked or shared with anyone. Mainly, with the increasing threat and vulnerability of the internet, the first thing that people ask for is the security and privacy of the application. Therefore, having a proper security protocol is essential to maintain the authenticity of the application and gain people’s trust. Super Clone Mod APK plays a significant role in maintaining the user’s privacy and preventing any other condition of a security breach. This privacy and security protocol of Super Clone Mod APK makes it one of the most prior apps among users. 

Super Clone mod apk

Downloading Super Clone Mod APK:

The downloading procedure of Super Clone Mod APK is quite simple and easy. The general guide for downloading the Super Clone Mod APK is given below:

  • Open the webpage, and there will be a link with the title “Super Clone MOD APK v4.8 (Premium Unlocked).”
  • Click on the link, which will redirect the complete page to a new page. 
  • The new page will have a tabular description of the application.
  • On that page, there will be a link provided with the title “Download.”
  • Click on the link to download the application.
  • Once you click on the link, a pop box will appear on the screen. 
  • Click on “Download” on the pop-up box. 
  • After the confirmation, the downloading will start on your device.
  • Once downloaded, it will ask for the installation.
  • Once the app is installed on the device, it is good to use.


With the increasing load and burden of the work along with the advancement of the internet, people do need multiple accounts for maintaining all of that work. However, when it comes to various reports, there is a significant threat to privacy and security. Therefore, Super Clone Mod Apk is one of the best applications to use, as it not only provides good features but also protects the privacy of the user. 


  1. What is Super Clone Mod Apk?

Super Clone Mod Apk is the application that is meant to clone the applications as well as keep all the information in different accounts. It also provides the feature of a decoy to keep the cloned application safe from any unauthorized access.

  1. What is the use of Super Clone Mod Apk?

Super Clone Mod APK is used for cloning the application, which is quite helpful in creating multiple accounts and doing multi-tasking without any hassle. Moreover, it can also be used to hide personal information from getting leaked or shared with any untrustworthy person.

  1. Does it provide assurance of safety and privacy?

Yes, the Super Clone Mod APK does provide proper safety and security of personal information. With the increasing threat and vulnerability among internet users, privacy and security are the first priority to follow up.

  1. What are the features provided by the Super Clone Mod APK?

The Super Clone Mod APK comes with a number of features that helps the user for protecting their personal information. It comes with the quality of re-application and multi-accounting, as well as a decoy logo. It also comes with the facility of notes, which helps in noting down several pieces of information as per requirement.   

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