Real Cricket 21 Apk Download for Android Latest [2022]
NameReal Cricket 21 Apk
PublisherNautilus Mobile
Size480 MB
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UpdatedJuly 25, 2022
MOD FeaturesFree

At Nautilus’ Real Cricket 21 apk is one of the top cricket games for Android phones, iOS devices, and tablets. Like its prior version, real cricket 20, this improved game proposes a user-friendly setup with extra features.

This real cricket 21 game concentrates on developing your team and enhancing your players’ proficiency by transmitting them to the training center to improve their abilities and assemble them for more tricky challenges ahead in the upcoming matches. While creating this incredible sports app, the visual quality was given top significance, making it both intriguing and thrilling simultaneously.

Real Cricket 21 Apk Download for Android Latest [2022]

The real cricket 21 game is free to download and play, but you can reimburse real wealth for in-app investments. If you don’t prefer to utilize this option, go to your device’s settings and incapacitate the payment detail.

To download or play the real cricket 21 games on Google Play, you must be old. Before you download this Android app, make conclusive you satisfy the tiniest provisions.

There are two types of modes available: single-player and multiplayer. In this game, you strive against a computer-controlled foe squad. Aside from that, we must play multiplayer mode against genuine players. This enables you and your other buddies to play the game jointly.

You may stride your team around to numerous clubs and even pick where you want to play. Of course, there are several options accessible to you as you play the game.

Real Cricket 21 APK Android Features

Communication over the Internet: Yes, it’s good that they encompassed a microphone and speaker in the game. This implies you’ll be eligible to communicate willingly with other teams engaging you.

Multiplayer: This feature authorizes you to connect with friends and teams solely. It evolves even more fascinating when you enlist your colleagues to this game. If you don’t have any cricket-playing buddies, you can also fiddle this game with foreigners.

Yes, you will get unrestricted access to everything in this game. Why do we propose an unlocked version? As an outcome, you’ll be eligible to play with your favorite characters. We had to play many matches to unlock them, so we’re taking you to Unlocked Real Cricket 21.

Commentator: Cricket is like a trunk without a spirit, without commentators and screaming fans. We’ve all heard how the background disturbance of a flock of people expands the authenticity of a cricket match. Bad commentary can occasionally distract from the satisfaction of real cricket or a mobile cricket game. So, in this game, you’ll hear the piece and someone shouting commotion consequences.

Free: I encompassed this point because all the shirts, outfits, jerseys, and arm sleeves are unlocked. As an outcome, you won’t have to do any more resistance to get them unlocked. It may take a long time to open them, so barely play your game with your favorite + outfits. Hand gloves, bats, colorful balls, batting pads, and helmets are all furnished.

What are the controls for real cricket 21?

Batting Tips for Real Cricket 21

  • Utilize Swipe And Shot Control – This Swipe Shot Control Is So Simple To Use And Hit Big Shots, You Can Use It Right From The Start Of Your Real Cricket 20 Career.
  • Utilize Pool Shots At A High Rate – Pool Shots In Real Cricket 20 Mean Defensive Batting, But Numerous Players Avoid It. If You Are New, We Suggest You Use Pool Shots At A High Rate.
  • Play on the Green Wicket – Batting on the Green Wicket is challenging in actual vitality and video games, but you can enhance your mastery level by fiddling on the Green Top Wicket.

Bowling Tips for 21st Century Cricket

  • Try a separate bowl each time – Bowling in real cricket is a challenging task, and AI batters routinely outscore us. You can attempt a varied delivery each time.
  • Decent Length Bowling – Good Length Bowling Is Less Risky Than Other Balls Like Yorker And Shot Pitch Delivery, So Try To Stop Runs With Good Length Delivery.

What are some of your favorite features?

  • A very varied and sophisticated cricket game with many facts makes it a practical cricket experience.
  • Even though the game is involved and distinct, the controls are reasonable.
  • Discern the moves and ploys of other players and utilize what you’ve memorized to your own game to enhance.
  • You’ll be pitted against real-life gamers in the subsequent multiplayer game mode.
  • If you evacuate the game, you can gawk at the audience’s standpoint or other players.
  • The characteristics of real Cricket 21 android have received the title of existing the real cricket game. More superior quality of life features from the previous game have been integrated into this one.

How do I change my controls?

This option may be found in the options menu, where you can prefer to utilize the default supervisions or modify them as needed.

What can I do to improve my endurance?

When you wield your energy, it reduces scarcely, occurring in slower scoring and the incapacity to run between wickets as rapidly as feasible. When you become tired after bowling or batting too multiple overs in a row, your stamina is crucial for playing cricket at excellent speeds. You can either train or relax to improve your endurance. You should also ensure that you are thoroughly hydrated throughout the day!


Real Cricket 21 is an outstanding mobile cricket game, and I’d want to mention that it’s a game that gets an update every year, and all of the upgrades are incredible.

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