Rd WhatsApp Apk Download For Android [AntiBan] 2022
NameRd WhatsApp Apk
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UpdatedJuly 27, 2022
MOD FeaturesPremium

Alternative Apk: GA WhatsApp Apk

the messaging apps available nowadays in the market have become one of our biggest saviours, and that helped them to stay connected and safe with everyone no matter where the state is. 

Now one of the most popular and the best ones out there is the rd whatsapp apk download. This App is used by many people and has more than 1 billion downloads all across the world. Hence, it is pretty evident that this App is best for use. 

However, we are still searching for some modified Apps for it as everyone wants to have more features, which is why we are introducing you to the best rd whatsapp apk download as it comes with unique features, and the name of the App is WhatsApp Plus Red. 

Reason for its popularity 

The MOD is great and is available to download for all Android devices. The primary purpose of the App is its development, and it is imperative to have some unique features so that users can download the App and can enjoy the features of the App that they cannot in the official App.

The App’s primary purpose is to provide the users with the benefits of all the great features that the WhatsApp official App does not offer. The App provides a personalized and private experience that users love to use. 

Features of rd whatsapp apk download

WhatsApp Plus Red comes along with some fantastic features that are highly liked and loved by users; some of them are- 


One of the most important factors that people are worried about these modified Apps is the fear of getting banned. The official Apps do not entertain such mods and end up banning them. 

However, you do not have to face such consequences with the rd whatsapp apk as this App comes with a unique anti-ban feature that would be banned from the official App. 

High-Resolution Image 

You must have observed that whenever you use WhatsApp to transfer images via WhatsApp, the image’s resolution gets lowered, and the image quality is highly fallen. This becomes extremely annoying. 

But now you won’t face this issue with the rd whatsapp apk. You can download all your picture in high resolution and good quality. 

Fast Reply 

This feature is functional in the WhatsApp Business account but not yet in official or regular WhatsApp

In this MOD App, you will get all these features, and hence you can set up the quick reply section so that it automatically sends messages as you are away or busy. 

Copy Status 

This feature allows you to copy the text statuses of your contact easily, and it is not permitted in the official App. 

Hence, you can easily copy the status with this App when you find something suitable, some thought, or anything significant in someone’s status. 


You will find great themes with this App. The rd whatsapp apk has a great collection of themes that makes it quite attractive for everyone to use. 

You will be able to select from a great variety of themes available here to choose, making your WhatsApp look quite attractive and exciting. 

No Calls 

Here you can prohibit or restrict getting calls from some particular people on your list or everyone out there. 

This feature is not available in the official WhatsApp, and hence you will get the feature in this App. No need to avoid any calls as you can completely stop receiving them. So, now there won’t be any unnecessary disturbance that you would get. 

What’s new with rd whatsapp apk download? 

Some new and enhanced features come with the rd whatsapp apk download, and they are- 

  • Base Updated to 2.16.259 
  • Ability to Send Audio Clip up to 100MB and not just 16 MB 
  • All hidden features like Gifs, Mentions, Doodle, MultiCast, etc. 
  • Option for changing the Background colour of the Invite Button in Contacts Screen (Mod 2.4.10A) 
  • Option for changing the colour of attached contact icon on Main Screen (Mod 2.32.2) 
  • Error Sending Videos in Few Devices 
  • White Screen while Attaching Images in Few Devices 
  • Change ticks/Bubbles Style Mode 
  • Media preview without loading
  • Send video with a size of 30 MB instead of 16 MB
  • Send 90 images at once instead of 10


Not only these but there are many features that you can access and are meant for enhancing user experiences and making them even more personalized. It is one of the best-modified Apps for WhatsApp that you can download for your Android devices. So, what’s making you wait? Download it now!   

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