Quick Touch Automatic Clicker Mod Apk [Pro Unlocked]

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Quick Touch Automatic Clicker Mod Apk [Pro Unlocked]
NameQuick Touch Automatic Clicker Mod Apk
PublisherSimpleHat Software, LLC
Size9.29 MB
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UpdatedJune 16, 2022
MOD FeaturesPremium

Alternative App: Lamour Mod APK

In this post, you can download Quick Touch Automatic Clicker Mod Apk an available premium version that unlocked for you many of the features for free. This apk supports all types of devices and systems like android, IOS, Linux and windows. People have used this Auto clicker app to constantly click a location at a given time whose you fix in this application.

What is Quick Touch Automatic Clicker Mod Apk?

It is the Modified (hacked) version of the Quick Touch Automatic Clicker’s original application. In this application is available for your premium feature and unlocked some of the important things which need for auto click. This application provides a simple user interface, you can select a target that performs an automatic click in this particular location. This application is mainly used in-game and some the important apps, you and you can get lots of benefits after using this application which describes bellow


  • Reduce a large number of manmade tasks in your daily life
  • Open apps or files in the particular time period set in this Auto clicker apk
  • Work just like a mini-setting box which is very important in live gameplay and other app uses
  • Automatically click too much time in your targeted location
  • Increase the speed of using an application or game
Quick Touch Automatic Clicker Mod Apk
Quick Touch Automatic Clicker Mod Apk
Quick Touch Automatic Clicker Mod Apk


Compatibility with multiple games and apps

You can use this Quick Touch Automatic Clicker Mod Apk on various devices and feel better also decreases your work by automatic work performed on your devices. This Auto clicker has better performance if your device is android and you can use it for all types of android and other apps. Because of this feature, you can use this application on various devices and it helps your work easily completed.

Simple user interface

This Quick Touch Automatic Clicker Apk provides a simple user interface that helps to fix your target location, how many times need to click on this particular location and all of the work you can do in this Auto clicker with follow simple steps no need for expertise. The simple interface of this A[k helps to complete your work within a minimum time period.

Support swipes and gesture controls

You can use this app for Auto clicking as well as gesture control (pinch, double-tap, long press, etc) and swipes (control back history, go home, go to next page) etc control by using this Mod apk on your device. This apk provides features like a mini-setting box where you can control your various setting in this apk in your real-time game and when using an app.


Here in this apk available great features where you can autostart a particular app at a particular time. You can set the timing and an application open in this apk and you see when this time arises this app is automatically open and start with no need for your permission. It helps users open applications at a particular time.


All of the features which saw in this application your can access for free because our developers have provided this apk free also available for you many of the features like auto start the open application at a particular time and auto click help to click your targeted location many times as your need and available gesture and swipe control and many more feature with you can easily access all of them because of simple user interface and free all the entire feature in this Quick Touch Automatic Clicker Mod Apk.


You don’t worry about security-related issues because our developers have proper security testing and then we are available for you in our website download section. Due to high security, you don’t face any of the problems and bugs in this Apk.

High Speed provided

This Quick Touch Automatic Clicker Mod Apk provided high speed and that helped to user finished her work in very small time duration. In this Apk you can control the speed of clicks, you can set the speed and time duration of clicks.

Download and Install process

Here are available all of the steps that you can use for download and installation time and you finish this step very quickly without facing any problems.

  • First, uninstall the original version of the Quick Touch Automatic Clicker application on your device
  • Go to the top of the article and click the Download link
  • Enable “Unknown Sources” on your device if enable it on your device then avoid this step
  • Go to file location and open Quick Touch Automatic Clicker Mod Apk
  • After opening this Apk click the “Install” button and wait if installation is not complete
  • Now you press the “Done” button and use it on your device

Note if are you not know about using process then you can follow Using a process of Quick Touch Automatic Clicker which available in bellow



This is such a very fantastic app and it is helpful for saving time. I can use this app to open my online class at an exact time (I have set timing in this Auto clicker app ad it is open this live class at this particular time period)


This is a fantastic auto-click app and it is helpful to improve my work by using this app I can collect the reward in my game every day that helps to gameplay and win matches.


Quick Touch Automatic Clicker is safe?

Yes, this application is safe for your device and you can use the app for unlimited time doesn’t increase your auto click speed but the speed is fixed and compatible with your device. If your auto clicks speed is high and your device processor is not comfortable with this speed then it harmful to your device.

What is the Extra feature added in Quick Touch Automatic Clicker Mod Apk?

 In this Quick Touch Automatic Clicker Apk available all of the original features also you can get premium features, auto-start apps, auto click your target location, control swipe and gesture and everything is unlocked in this Apk you can enjoy the entire feature of the original app for free.


Here available the latest version download link of the Quick Touch Automatic Clicker Mod apk with unlocked the entire feature and you can access them freely and easily. This Apk is safe for your device and available many of the features are unlocked with well-performing in your device as compared to the original application. The user has sent great reviews in our contact mail after using this application, so we can suggest downloading this Apk on your device and using it on daily basis for fulfilling your needs. Make sure to send your experience to our contact after using our Quick Touch Automatic Clicker Mod Apk but if you face any problems then contact also we can solve them very quickly.

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