Parental Love Mod APK For Android 2022 [Pro Unlocked]

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Parental Love Mod APK For Android 2022 [Pro Unlocked]
NameParental Love Mod APK
Publisher524 Mb
Size524 Mb
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UpdatedJune 13, 2022
MOD FeaturesPremium

Alternative App: Sakura Live Mod APK

Parental Love APK Mod is a game for Android users. Parental Love is an adult-oriented graphic novel. You play as a man who has had a falling out with his wife Emily in this game. Child Ada was born after your second. You split up. The court awarded her sole custody of your children due to your drug addiction.

Significance of Parental Love APK Mod

  • Android-compatible
  • It is a ported PC game. Thus some devices may not be compatible.
  • Unlocking all features
  • Mod money is a term used to describe money that has been
  • Remove ads
  • Premium packages are available for purchase.
Parental Love Mod APK

Information about the changes

  • Added translations in a variety of languages.
  • The names of several of the characters were altered.
  • There are no longer any dialogue errors.
  • Bugs have been addressed.
  • completed the game’s fifth and last route.
  • The entire game now has a Brazilian Portuguese translation.
  • Minor dialogue corrections
  • Bluehair Mcblueyface became Madison’s new name.
  • Old saves are no longer visible (because old saves wouldn’t operate with this version).
  • Version numbers in the main menu have been removed.
  • The Spanish translation has been removed.
  • Improved the quality of a couple of renders compressed too much previously.
  • Day 8’s massage parlour scenario has been added.

How to get Parental Love APK Mod for Android devices? 

The latest version of Parental Love APK v1.00 [MOD] Download for Android devices is free to download. The well-liked game on all platforms is Parental Love APK MOD.

  • Firstly go to the device’s settings and turn on the unrevealed sources to get the application. 
  • For Android, you may get Parental Love APK MOD. Select the file you’ve just downloaded.
  • Give all of the necessary permissions by tapping “Install.”
  • Then the application app should be installed on your device to enjoy it. 

For PC and Mac devices- 

  • When you completely download the compressed folder on your PC, install it in your window. 
  • After downloading the folder, you need to unzip it and start the game icon. 
  • PC and Mac versions of the game have been installed. You can take pleasure in it.
Parental Love Mod APK

What is the best way to play parental Love APK Mod?

You must install the game on your PC or Android smartphone. Then, after you’ve installed the game on your device, open the software.

To continue playing the game, click anywhere on the screen after clicking the Play button. If you’re conversing with someone in the game, you might have a few ideas for a movement.



  • Keep an eye on your kids’ activities and work.
  • Provide a daily check-in facility
  • Your email gets the report on which you registered.
  • Support for up to two devices


  • Examine your children’s facilities.
  • Daily journals
  • Receive reports by email
  • The children’s device can be controlled remotely.
  • Children’s device is disabled.
  • Up to 5 devices can be connected

MAX Premium

  • Keep an eye on your kids’ activities.
  • Daily journals
  • Receive reports by email
  • The children’s device can be controlled remotely.
  • Set time limitations for children’s devices.
  • Up to ten devices are supported.
Parental Love Mod APK

Free Download Parental Love Mod APK

Parental Love Mod APK is the most popular and premium game for free and mods with infinite money.

From Android Mobile Zone, you may upgrade and purchase goods for your Android mobile tablet.

Download the latest version of Parental Love APK v1.00 [MOD] directly from with Fast Downloading more servers.

Parental Love APK Mod is a game where you must go the farthest distance possible while collecting gold.

Parental Love Full Apk Pro Android Mod Offline Data Latest 3d Game.

How Do You Play When You’re Not Online?

The first and finest aspect of this feature is the offline mode, which is useful for many users who cannot afford an internet connection to play a game but still want to play it. All you have to do now is download the game files, and you can play it whenever you want.


You play the part of a father in this game. When your second daughter Ada is born, your wife decides to leave you due to your cocaine addiction, which is bad for your kids.

Your marriage ended, and the court awarded your children to Iris. After a few years, you are no longer dependent on cocaine. You decide to re-date, Iris. Because she lives in a different state than you, you and Iris start an online connection that lasts a few months. You decide to travel to Iris’ hometown. You meet her in a pub, and the story begins.


In the Parental Love APK v1.00 [MOD] Download game, every choice you make will impact the future in some way. Without some save scumming, which I highly recommend, you will not see every scene in the game on your first play-through. Making judgments is all that is required to play the game.

You’ll meet your two children, Ada and Elly, right away, with whom you’ll build an immediate bond.


Q: Is it okay to play the Parental Love APK MOD?

A: The modded apk is not developed by the original developer of the apk. I recommend that you purchase the premium version and use it freely.

Q: Is it possible to play Paternal Love APK Mod offline?

A: Yes, a good 3G or 4G Internet connection is required for the mod apk to work. If you have a good internet connection, you can play the game swiftly, even without using the internet.

Q: Will personal information be protected?

A: Yes, according to the parental love MOD APK, they do not share your personal information with any third party or platform, so you can easily manage your data in the app because your personal information and data are completely secure.

Q: Is downloading the Parental Love APK Mod app free?

A: No, the developer does not provide Parental Love apk for free; you must pay a fee to obtain it. However, if you download the mod apk from our website, it is available for free, and we do not charge any fees.

Q: How to Fight Parental Love Mod APK? 

A: Dodge the punch from the side from where you are receiving it, then punch. If your opponent tries to strike you with his right arm, he will try to punch you with his left arm, then dodge your left.

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