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UpdatedSeptember 29, 2022
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More seclusion features are encompassed in OGWhatsApp Apk (OGWA), authorizing users to specify who can see their data and deliver messages. OGWhatsapp Apk was established as an alternate for WhatsApp Plus. WhatsApp, the original app, imposes no preamble. It’s a prominent messaging app with more than 500 million enthusiastic stoners every day.

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What is OGWhatsapp Apk, and how does it work?

OGWhatsApp Apk is a modified version of the prominent messaging software that furnishes users with simplicity. OG Whatsapp Apk strengthened security features. Because of these aspects, it is one of the most reliable messaging programs.

Unique features have also been expanded to OGWhatsApp Apk in its most recent APK. Among these capacities are the proficiency to eliminate sent messages and the aptitude to conceal your online status. Whatsapp Apk is an incredible WhatsApp Plus Apk alternate.

Developers of the OGWhatsApp APK

Team XDA broadcasted the recent OGWhatsApp Apk version in 2013. It’s a tweaked version of WhatsApp Apk with nearly similar features to the original. The APK version has obtained a current upgrade that encompasses new characteristics. You may clench the most current version of OGWhatsApp APK by downloading it.

After Team XDA, the other creator, Team AlexMods, inaugurated their version of OGWhatsApp Apk. This version of OGWhatsApp Apk is accessible in a zip layout. To download OGWhatsApp Apk, ensure your device satisfies the minor provisions.

AlexMods versions may not operate on some devices. Some users have broadcasted glimpsing the omission text ‘app is not responding during the installation.’

What makes the OG WhatsApp APK unique?

As I formerly stated, numerous WhatsApp Apk transformations encompass distinct capacities than the regular Whatsapp Apk customer. However, as you may be conscious, utilizing some of these mods may occur in an account ban; however, unlike GBWhatsapp Apk and Whatsapp Plus Apk, OG WhatsApp Apk is anti-ban.

However, this does not signify that it is required in characteristics; instead, it includes an abundance of them, as you will excavate further in this article. To give you a clue, the original WhatsApp app features a message scheduling characteristic that is undoubtedly frigid, and you can comprehend more about it below. So, before you download the Updated Version, make it obvious you survey all of the material.

Benefits of OG Whatsapp Apk

OGWhatsApp APK is a WhatsApp mod Apk assembled with the most beneficial features. Even though authorized aids do not generate it, it still assures the security and protection of users. It’s a valuable piece of equipment for integrating two numbers into a single WhatsApp message.

It encompasses characteristics like autoreply, downloading and copying others’ status, concealing last seen and active, and abundant customization possibilities.

What You Should Know About OGWhastapp Apk

OGWhatsApp Apk was developed by third-party creators rather than the official WhatsApp app originators. It is against their privacy tenures and ordinances, and if they excavate these illicit accounts, they will be prohibited.

As an outcome, you must exercise severe warning when utilizing OGWhatsApp Apk. In this recent update, They have repaired all the troubles and viruses. It even has anti-ban characteristics so that the authorized WhatsApp Apk originators won’t prohibit you.

As a secondary account, use OG Whatsapp Apk

You only utilize OGWhatsApp Apk as a separate account for conversing. Your fundamental account, which clenches all of your vital data and files, portraits, and videos, must be maintained as your business account.

Do not utilize WhatsApp Apk as your primary account because the server has permitted all your data, not end-to-end encrypted. As an outcome, OGWhatsApp Apk should only be used for conversing and as a backup account.

Don’t go overboard with any features:

OGWhatsApp Apk and all further MODs are illicit because they infringe WhatsApp’s secrecy constraints. If any of these MODs are excavated, WhatsApp Apk will bid that these accounts be halted. As an outcome, it is suggested that you do not overexpose any function, as WhatsApp Apk may prohibit you if they observe you doing so. As an outcome, it is proposed that you do not employ any feature repeatedly.


As formerly said, OGWhatsApp Apk has an abundance of distinctive features, encompassing anti-ban properties, do not disturb mode, and secrecy alternatives. Several traits are beneficial to some people but not to others. We’ll go through each feature in profundity to make sure you comprehend the finer points to use OGWhatsApp Apk on your Android phone.


If you utilize a modded version of WhatsApp Apk, you are perhaps aware of the suffering of being prohibited from the authorized Whatsapp Apk site; however, this OG Whatsapp Apk update is unrestricted of any outlawing properties.

Thus, you are defensible from being blocked. Because it’s eligible to be careful rather than restricted, we recommend you utilize a provisional phone number when utilizing OGWhatsApp Apk. You can install this software on your phone and employ it without concern about being halted.


You can call numbers that haven’t been protected utilizing OGWhatsApp Apk. If you’ve ever borrowed WhatsApp Apk, you’re possibly aware of the frustration of having to conserve numbers first before making a call to them; but with OGWhatsApp Apk, you can make calls to non-save numbers with comfort. This is an undoubtedly beneficial function that has persuaded many stoners all over the nation.


As we all know, our existences are so feverish that we often disregard significant events such as an individual’s anniversary or birthday. WhatsApp Apk has addressed this problem and compelled users’ lives easier by integrating a pre-built message planner.

To send planned messages to your loved ones, you must facilitate this alternative on your mobile phones. Type the message and the communication to whom you prefer to send it, then assign the date and time for it to be provided to your loved ones. It will appear on time, and you will be skimped on the condemnation of overlooking important life events.


You may be conscious that you cannot download the status of your pals and other people in your connection list utilizing the fundamental WhatsApp Apk for the Android version. Still, OGWhatsApp Apk provides this excellent preference for inbuilt status download procedures.

You can wield this tool to download and deliver the status of your loved ones to others. You may also store your position in your phone’s gallery for consecutive viewing. This characteristic is one of the most beneficial features accessible today.


Formerly, the maximum quantity of characters authorized for status updates was 100. However, this has now been improved to more than 200. You can compose a status update of more than 200 words and disseminate it to your portrayal utilizing OGWhatsApp Apk.

It encompasses many frigid features and saves you duration by permitting you to export fewer status revises with tinier characters. This is one of the most beneficial features that may be petitioned, and it is vulnerable in OGWhatsApp Apk but not in the Simple WhatsApp apk.


Lately, WhatsApp Apk only authorized you to bestow your group a name of up to 20 characters. It wasn’t sufficient because the name of some groups exceeded the letter limit, and you had to curtail the number of identities to conform to the group name.

It’s no extended a conflict because OGWhatsApp Apk entitles you to name your group with up to 35 characters, which is more than an abundance.

Copy the status of someone to your clipboard:

Utilizing a conventional WhatsApp APK program, you cannot duplicate someone’s status to your clipboard or disseminate it to an external source. It’s inconvenient because we retain to type all of the situations ourselves, which takes a lengthy duration.

You may avert ordering your friends’ statuses by utilizing the OGWhatsApp apk, which permits you to copy your friends’ groups, paste them to the clipboard, and deliver them to any other outer source, such as Facebook, Instagram, or another social media app. This characteristic saves eternity and is so beneficial that it has a thriving number of stoners.

Calls from a specific contact are blocked:

You can block a distinct contact’s call by facilitating this functionality. We can become furious when our connections or someone we don’t want to acquire calls from continually phone us. You can block specific contacts’ calls with OGWhatsApp Apk, and you will not obtain their calls in the future.

This conserves your time by authorizing you to stop that contact when calls are continually dropped rapidly. As a finding, you might not attain calls in the prospect.

Up to 90 portrayals can be sent at once:

Common WhatsApp Apk only authorizes you to share 10 to 30 portraits at the moment, and if you want to deliver more images or enormous files to your pals, it will take an extended moment.

OGWhatsApp Apk permits you to deliver up to 90 photographs to your pals at once, recouping your time and deterring you from being tired of sharing portrayals from the gallery with your contacts. This is one of the most impressive features that OGWhatsApp Apk has to deliver.

Whatsapp Locker built-in:

We don’t prefer to exchange messages from our loved ones on WhatsApp Apk with another circle. When others wield your phone for making calls, they will not be apt to open WhatsApp Apk and review your messages because there is an inbuilt WhatsApp Apk locker for encrypting your notifications.

OGWhatsApp Apk furnishes you with the best secrecy choices accessible, encompassing the Whatsapp Apk locker that conserves your data. You’ll also save time by not having to install different secrecy apps to latch your phone.

Alternative Whatsapp:

Extra Features of OGWhastapp Apk

  • Utilizing its chat lock aspect, you can assure the secrecy and protection of every contact.
  • Protect your contacts online, and the message is seen statuses.
  • It also authorizes you to conceal the status shown in your contact logs.
  • If someone erases a message for everyone individually or in a group, you can yet read it without acquainting the sender.
  • You can utilise several chat wallpapers for varied individual contacts with the OGWhatsApp APK.
  • After acknowledging the message, you can indicate blue ticks to your contacts.
  • Thousands of several themes, typefaces, and bubble types are accessible in this magical software.

Permissions Required for OG Whatsapp Apk

  • Deliver SMS
  • Record Audio
  • Vibrate
  • Kill Background Tasks
  • Internet Access
  • Permit Device Location
  • Permit WiFi, Bluetooth, Camera, Mike, NFC
  • Get Accounts
  • Browse Contacts
  • Revise Audio Settings
  • Inscribe Contacts
  • Engrave External Storage

Pros of OG Whatsapp Apk

  • Further alternatives for personalization.
  • Features that are improved
  • Protection
  • Susceptible to utilize and reliable
  • Options for sharing that are helpful
  • Chats that are password-protected.
  • The bigger the file to share, the nicer.
  • Emojis, themes, and backdrops infest.
  • Halting incoming calls
  • Effective, last seen, recording and typing immobilized.

All of the elements mentioned above are incorporated into their advantages.

Cons of OG Whatsapp Apk

  • It does not appear from authorized or approved sources. Thus, it is defensible and prudent to utilize.
  • It is not substantiated by the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.
  • Because this is a third-party app, we must be reluctant regarding our assurance.
  • It is anti-ban, but it may become so in the future.
  • It’s also possible it’ll be prohibited.
  • However, it has always been anti-Ban since its beginning.

How to Get OGWhatsApp Apk and Install It

To get this mod, you’ll need to obey the instructions summarised below:

  • To begin, open your browser and type in OGWhatsApp Apk.
  • Now navigate to the download page and clasp the download button.
  • The APK file for your gadget will be downloaded.
  • Navigate to safety settings in the Android settings menu.
  • Authorize “Install Apps From Unknown Sources” to be facilitated.
  • After that, you must continue till the installation is finalized.
  • Open the app and commence utilizing it after the building is comprehensive.

What’s New in the Latest Version of OGWhatsApp APK

What’s Added

  • Eliminate the Backup Option Delete all prior backup data now. More room is recouped. (Clear) (Mods > Universal > Backup And Restore)
  • Possibility to shift between in-app and Gtranslate interpretation methods (Mods > Conversation Screen > Translation Option)
  • For media (image/video), there is a copy inscription characteristic. Assign Image/Video > 3-dot > Save.
  • Toast (Mods > Home Screen) Copy Caption Status When others glimpse your status buttons, they will be eligible to scroll to the bottom (newest) and top (oldest) message in the View All Messages screen and select the “Save To Gallery” option.
  • When media visibility is deactivated, you’ll be able to set “Search Web” or utilize Emoji for your profile photo. You’ll be eligible to see the total message tally in the View All Messages screen.


  • Additional Options For Recent Seen And Profile Photo Disappearing Messages New Privacy Settings (Except Contacts) (24-hour, 7-day, 90-day)
  • Featured Reactions (Long Press Any Msg)
  • Starting again And Pausing New Contact Profile UI Design with Voice Note Recording


  • Utilizing the Phone Call Option and Inputting the Wrong Number Voice Notes MOD Backup Folder Taking Up A Lot Of Storage Space Issue With Blue Mic Icon On Home Screen
  • Messages Translated exhibits a message that has been duplicated.
  • MOD Backup Folder Taking Up A Lot Of Storage Space Voice Notes Blue Mic Icon Issue In Home Screen
  • False: Translate Messages Shows a Copied Message Reports on anti-virus and anti-malware software
  • WAMOD Row Style Widget’s Mute Indicator Opens Without App Lock WA Bots Menu Not Clickable Video Call Confirmation


  • Anti-Ban Feature has been enhanced.

Several issues and crashes have been overhauled in the recent version of OG WhatsApp Apk. When we strive to search for themes and expand stickers from the Play Store, we periodically get a wreck. However, these problems have been resolved in the most current release. The OGWhatsApp app has a new rationale and a new setting style in expansion. This version also encompasses some new emojis.

Mostly Asked Questions on OGWhatsApp APK

Q: Is OGWhatsApp Apk a safe app to utilise?

As I recently asserted, if you utilize the conventional purposes of OG Whatsapp Apk, you will be fine; however, if you wield features that are forbidden by authorized WhatsApp’s terms and circumstances, your account may be canceled. However, utilizing this will not cause any problems with your appliance. It also doesn’t necessitate a rooted device. So, if you prefer to try it out, you can download the latest version.

Q: What exactly is a Mod APK?

A mod is a tweaked version of a program. The actual application may or may not be correlated with these modified versions, like the essential WhatsApp, one of the WhatsApp mods. It has different characteristics than the prior version. It’s also worth noting that it has nothing to do with authorized WhatsApp. Third-party creators develop the plurality of these mods.

Q: Will I get blocked if I utilise the OGWhatsApp APK?

Your suspicion is justified, as it is a customized version of the original licensed WhatsApp that is not accessible on the Play Store. In existence, however, this application is entirely anti-ban, safe, and secure. However, you can wield your demo account on this app for your security as a trial for the initial few days.


OG WhatsApp apk is a fork of the original WhatsApp app with a few tweaks to enhance its functionality. It’s a third-party app that Apple and Google Play don’t endorse. Looking at all of the findings, it’s clear that  OG WhatsApp Apk furnishes the most capabilities that the original WhatsApp absences. It is trustworthy since it secures secrecy.

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