NEWhatsApp APK v7.05 For Android [Official] 2022

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NEWhatsApp APK v7.05 For Android [Official] 2022
NameNEWhatsApp APK
Size24.01 Mb
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UpdatedJune 2, 2022
MOD FeaturesPremium

Alternative Whatsapp: GB Whatsapp Pro Apk

NEWhatsApp APK Download is a pink variant of a free customized version of Whatsapp. You can also customize the default color. As a result, you can alter the default color and upload different themes. The app is available from Altornedo7 and works with any Android handset. Please keep in mind that this is a modified version of the original. 

Specifications of NEWhatsApp APK

  • Disabling AutoText Entry is an excellent feature.
  • The section contains the privacy settings.
  • You can hide a contact’s or group’s name on the chat screen.
  • The interview card is a method of keeping track of interviews.
  • There are other indicators as well.
  • Bubbles in excess.
  • Many notification icons are available.
  • You can modify the look of your home screen by choosing from seven different styles.
  • Selecting Launcher will hide the app’s icon and name.
  • At the start of the home screen, you can show the final line or symbol.
  • Rather than 16MB, upload a 50MB video.
  • Instead of 10, you can send 90 pictures.

Description of some features of NEWhatsApp APK Download

  • It will allow you to view anyone’s current state without them knowing. Go to the three-dabbed button, then security or hiding Status View. 
  • They must share the media recordings as quickly as possible and without hindrance. WhatsApp continues to invade their privacy and refuses to disclose most of its media content.

High-resolution images can be transmitted without difficulty. Go to Three buttons> PLUS> Media Sharing Option to enable this component.

  • Conceal status read, hive voice recording, hide-play status, and other privacy options. Go to Three specked lines> privacy> pick the option you want to enable from the drop-down menu.

If you want to use NEWhatsApp APK Download anonymously, this option encourages you to do so. It freezes your most recent observation, and you won’t be able to see the continuous observation on your contacts.

How you get the new version of NEWWHATSAPP APK 

works the same way as the official WhatsApp app. We’ve included all of the necessary instructions for installing it on your phone. Follow the instructions given below:

First, click the link below to download the Ne WhatsApp Android APK.

Please make sure you grant permission after you’ve downloaded it.

It is going to be set up. Using your phone number makes it simple to log in.

By heading to the settings and selecting “Chat,” you can back up your WhatsApp conversations.

What is the best way to work of download NEWhatsApp apk mod?

WhatsApp Messenger is a completely free chat program for Android and other smartphones.

WhatsApp lets you message and calls friends and family using the Internet connection on your phone (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi, as available). Send and receive messages, calls, images, videos, documents, and Voice Messages by switching from SMS to WhatsApp.

NEWhatsApp APK Download Instructions for Android

Follow these steps if you want to install NEWhatsApp APK on your Android device.

Look for the developer’s download button.

You will be taken to another page if you click on it.

Wait 30 seconds before selecting the download option once more.

You will now be asked to complete human verification.

Your Android device will now begin the process of downloading.

Finally, it will install automatically, and you can start using the free mod apk.


  • You don’t have to pay for each message or call because WhatsApp uses your phone’s Internet connection to enable your message and call friends and family. WhatsApp does not require a subscription fee.
  • Photos, movies, documents, and Voice Messages can all be sent and received.
  • WhatsApp Calling allows you to call friends and family from anywhere for free. Instead of using your cellular plan’s voice minutes, WhatsApp calls use your phone’s Internet connection.
  • You may effortlessly communicate with your acquaintances in group chats.
  • The full version of the NEWhatsApp APK app may be downloaded here. It contains a few advertisements, but you can disable them after installation by selecting the “remove ads button.”

This was just a sampling of the app’s top features; much more is available in this edition. The installation process is really simple, and you will have no problems getting it up and running once it is completed. To get the most out of WhatsApp, download it now.


  • Web Access
  • Smartphone Required for Receiver
  • Data Misuse
  • Contacts should be saved.
  • WhatsApp Is Compulsively Useful
  • Carefully select WhatsApp groups.
  • It Could Take Up Space on Your Device
  • There are no filters on the face.

About unique version NEWhatsApp APK Download 

NEWhatsApp APK Download v7.05 Official Latest Version is a popular app that allows us to stay in touch with our friends and family without going out of our way. However, it has numerous energizing highlights. However, as a society, we recognize that human wants are rarely met and that we always require more. As a result, various designers from all over the world have designed revised versions of WA. Before we go into the details of what this form is for, keep in mind that this is a modified version, not the official one. This model has many exciting features and customization options that you’ll love.

NEWhatsApp APK Download v7.05 Official Latest Version in a pink color

As soon as we download its APK, which is based on the official WhatsApp software, the color of its interface is the first thing that attracts our sight. However, its creators have tweaked several features to include features that aren’t available in the original program or will never be available, such as the ability to alter font type.

Many users are concerned about the safety of downloading and installing a MOD, particularly in terms of malware or privacy concerns, because we don’t know who will be accessing our data. In any event, if you’re interested in using two WhatsApp numbers simultaneously, you should download one of these programs.


All of the features and options covered in this article specific to NEWhatsApp APK Download v7.05 Official Latest Version are incredible and unique. You can easily download it by following the instructions in the article and using it to experience the best messaging software on your device for free. Install the app on any Android device to take advantage of these features. NEWhatsApp Apk has some fantastic features that make texting more effective and simple to use, according to a quick overview.


Q: What is NE WhatsApp, and how does it work?

A: Another modified version of WhatsApp made by third-party developers for users’ convenience is NE WhatsApp.

Q: What is the procedure for getting NE WhatsApp?

A: To use this mod, go to this page’s “Download NE WhatsApp” section and click the “Download” button.

Q: What should I do if NEWhatsApp APK has to be updated?

A: Keep visiting “” for the most recent update of this mod to make sure you’re utilizing the most recent version.

Q: Is NEWhatsApp APK Download v7.05 Official Latest Version secure?

A: No malicious viruses or data leaks have been reported. You can be confident in using this mod.

Q: NEWhatsApp APK Download is used for a variety of reasons.

A: It is used to communicate with people all over the world. It’s a customized messenger program that lets you make audio and video conversations, sends text messages, and share various files and documents. You can also form groups to foster community building.

Q: For Android users, is NEWhatsApp APK Download free?

A: Android users, the NEWhatsApp APK Download v7.05 Official Latest Version is completely free. Installing the app is completely free. Furthermore, you are entitled to all functions and features without charge. As a result, individuals choose to communicate with it.

Q: Do the themes in this app have to be purchased?

A: To make your discussion more fascinating, you’ll have access to many themes and backdrops.

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