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UpdatedMay 13, 2022
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 Alternative App: Helo MOD APK

This is the premium version of the muscle booster mod apk from that we’re giving out for free.

Muscle Booster Software is a training app that teaches you about the 7 Deadly Myths of Muscle Building, and it’s the first of its kind on Google Play. This Android app was created by university-educated trainers and is one of the top body-building apps available on the Android app market.

What is Muscle Booster Mod Apk v2.4.0?

Muscle Booster Mod Apk app is designed for men concerned about their fitness and appearance and who want to appear powerful and impressive. The software is a virtual personal trainer that may help you get in great shape at home or the gym. Through your Android phone, you can complete your gym guidance with the help of Muscle Booster Mod Apk 2.4.0. 


The software acts as a fitness coach, guiding you through the process of being fit as a fiddle at home or the gym.


Your major goal should be to lose weight or increase muscle and shred and shed fat. Choose other objectives to help you enhance your general health, looks, and body strength.

Choose from trim, bulk, or additional bulk, depending on your current and ideal body type.

Choose your target areas: back, arms, abs, pecs, legs, belly, chest, etc.

muscle booster mod apk

How Does It Work?

We provide you with a plan chart based on your goals and personal data, i.e. concerning your health- a mix of cardio, strength, recovery, and LISS (walking, running, cycling) activities that will help you achieve your goals.


Make a list of your objectives: weight loss, muscle gain, or increased activity.

Choose from the following zones: shoulders, chest, arms, back, belly, and legs.

Fill up your personal information, such as age, height, weight, and fitness level.


Smart muscle boosters training algorithms will teach you the exact amount or set of push-ups, pull-ups, and other activities.

Choose your target areas: shoulders, chest, back, abdomen, and legs.

The Muscle Booster Mod Apk functions as a personal trainer, assisting you in getting in excellent shape at home or the gym.

The app’s sophisticated algorithm will provide a tailored fitness routine based on your private data.

Each mix of aerobic, strength, healing and LISS exercises will help you achieve your goals.

This generates a 60-day basic plan that you can see in your schedule. Every week, your exercise regimen will be updated based on your progress and reactions.

muscle booster mod apk

How to install the application of muscle booster mod apk:

Install Muscle Booster Workout Planner MOD APK on your Android device:

Follow the steps below to download Muscle Booster Workout Planner APK and other programmes from

You must enable installation from third-party sources to install software anywhere else.

If you install an app from an unrevealed source rather than Google Play Store, go to your phone settings, then privacy option here you allow the unknown sources to download apps. 

After doing the above steps, go to the “Download” folder in the file manager and double-click the MOD APK file you just downloaded.

You can now access the application and use it as usual after the installation is complete.


Our system will provide a workout plan based on your health data or status, including a mix of cardio, strength, recovery, and LISS (walking, running, cycling) activities to help you achieve your goals.


The workout plan will be adjusted based on your success and input each week.

The plan includes cardio, no-equipment workouts, planks and jumps, HIIT, triceps dips, endurance sets, jump squats, mountain climbers, wall sit, aerobic exercises like push-ups, crunches, recovery exercises, burpees, abs workout, gymnastics, jumping jacks, upper body workout, and strength training for in the gym.

muscle booster mod apk


Everyone wants to stay in shape for the rest of their lives. We all know that staying in shape without a little assistance may be challenging. Everything runs smoothly when you have the right workout plan combined with the right nutrition plan. It’s like having free personal trainers! However, not everyone has the time to go to the gym every day (or every week). Perhaps you only have an hour or two to spare, or perhaps you require assistance in getting started. They’re all-natural vitamins that will help you design the ideal training and food regimens for your lifestyle, making getting in shape easier and faster.


If you can’t afford to pay for a gym membership yet want to maintain good health that everyone can see, this app is for you. Please let us know what you think of this app. If you found this post beneficial, please share it with your friends and family. We will continue to offer you similar applications. You keep coming back to our website.


Q: Is Muscle Booster MOD APK available for free?

A: Even though Muscle Booster offers a free subscription for an infinite time with all premium features unlocked, you can use the Muscle Booster hack APK for free.

Q: Is Muscle Booster Free MOD APK Safe To Install?

A: Yes, APK Muscle Booster MOD is safe to install on your mobile device. It is virus-free, Trojan-free, and malware-free. So go ahead and download it.

Q: Is It Possible To Use The Muscle Booster App While Offline?

A: Muscle Booster, fortunately, is an offline fitness and training application that you may use even if you don’t have access to the internet.

Q: How can assure that the Muscle Booster Mod App is completely safe?

A: When you come upon the site to install an APK file, then on Google Play Store, you can search for the applicable APK file and permit them to install it instantly. If the APK file doesn’t exist on Play Store, it will become upon your unused data. 

Q: If you can install an APK from original site that allows you to update it via the Google Play Store, is it true? 

A: Except for downloading and installing your service, the Play Store installs from Google’s servers, and page loading from websites like is the same.

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