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UpdatedJuly 25, 2022
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Alternative App: MD Whatsapp Apk

Whatsapp is now one of the social networking sites that sees the most excellent use overall. All over India, the WhatsApp craze is at an insane level. No other app like this has been introduced in the Indian market now. Besides that, the KL Whatsapp service allows the transfer of many types of data, including movies, photographs, and other media files. 

There are a variety of Whatsapp modifications available since such a large number of people use the program. One of the most well-known modifications for WhatsApp is called KL Whatsapp. Mods such as KL Whatsapp, Whatsapp Plus, and other options are also readily available. 

One example of such an app is the KL Whatsapp apk download, which was developed using the KL Whatsapp apk. This Whatsapp mod provides you with more capabilities compared to KLWhatsapp and Whatsapp Plus. It is well-known for being adaptable in various situations and having a comprehensive feature set.

KL WhatsApp Apk

KLWhatsapp is a redesigned and modified version of the original Whatsapp that Karam Lord and his team developed. The software incorporates all the alterations often seen in WhatsApp Mod Apps. Some of the most popular modifications for WhatsApp are Privacy, Theme, and WhatsApp Lock, amongst others. 

In addition, when you download the KL Whatsapp apk, it provides a more significant number of choices for personalization than any other Whatsapp mod. When we return, we’ll discuss the many aspects of the mod. This Whatsapp mod also has an anti-ban feature, which helps to ensure that your account is not banned for any reason.

Benefits of using KL WhatsApp Apk

KL Whatsapp apk download hack allows users to add a wide variety of new features, like bubbles, double ticks, customized themes, fonts and styles, and much more. A customized logo might be placed on this Whatsapp as well. It gives you access to a collection of pre-installed themes, from which you may choose one. 

Meanwhile, the theme may be downloaded from the library, and after it’s installed, it can be applied to Whatsapp to give it a new look. More interestingly, blue tick marks can be hidden. With the help of these features, Whatsapp has the potential to become more appealing and tailored to the user’s specific needs.

Pros of KL WhatsApp Apk

  • By using the Hide Status View Mod inside WhatsApp, you may conceal the fact that you have seen the status of a contract without letting them know.
  • Display blue ticks whenever you respond to a message sent by a contact, regardless of whether or not you’ve viewed the message previously.
  • Hide your typing and recording status in groups and contacts to ensure that your WhatsApp messages remain private while you record them or write them.
  • If you activate the Freeze Last Seen Mod, nobody will be able to see your most recent seen state once you have done so.
  • If you disguise that you are listening to a recording, the sender will not be aware that you have heard their audio.
  • The message delivered to you using Anti-Revoke Mod will be completely safe from being revoked by anybody.
  • You may prevent the sender from seeing that you have read the message using the Hide Blue/Second Tick Mod.

Features of KL WhatsApp Apk

Whatsapp Plus, KL WhatsApp, and RB Whatsapp do not have access to the same number of features available on KL Whatsapp. This Whatsapp mod apk is packed with a ton of different valuable features. 

If you love free chatting apps with ultimate features, then there’s no way to go with others. And all these apps are just with all the latest technology available. This Whatsapp mod apk is packed with a ton of different valuable features. So let’s take a look at KL Whatsapp Apk Features

Anti-revoke Feature

In addition, this version includes an anti-revoke message mechanism that Whatsapp users may use. You are now able to see all deleted messages for everyone with the use of this Whatsapp mod apk. It is also feasible to react to the news that has been deleted by picking them up and impressing the people you care about.

Anti-ban Feature

This KL Whatsapp apk download modification is equipped with an anti-ban feature that prevents your account from being suspended or terminated. If you use this Whatsapp, you won’t need to be concerned about being banned from the service. 

This degree of protection is not present in other Whatsapp modifications; thus, it is a fantastic option for those that place high importance on their privacy. Because WhatsApp now has an anti-ban system, your account will no longer be suspended if you break the rules.

Hide your status

If you enable this feature in this Whatsapp mod apk, you will be able to see your contacts’ status updates without them being aware of it. Besides that, If you choose to enable this option, you will be removed from the list of those monitoring your status.

Anti-status delete

Because this Whatsapp mod apk has an anti-status deletion mechanism, you can see any information that your Whatsapp friends have removed from their statuses. Even after they have been removed, you still have the opportunity to respond to the deleted statuses and leave a positive impression on the person.

Hide or lock chats

Within this particular iteration of WhatsApp, you also have the option of securing individual chats with a personalized pin or pattern. Once the chat has been locked, no one will be able to access it or see the messages until it has been opened.

Status Downloader

This version of Whatsapp also has a status downloader that can be accessed directly from the app. With the push of a button, it is now possible to save the Whatsapp statuses to the gallery of your phone. Besides that, it is not necessary to make use of a separate application in order to download WhatsApp status updates.

Hide your last seen

It is possible to conceal or pause KL’s currently online or last seen status. WhatsApp includes this functionality in its app. Further, If you enable this capability, you will have the option to freeze your most recent saw. As a result, offline material could load for you when you are connected to the internet. 

As a consequence of this, no one will be able to determine whether or not you are currently connected to the internet. As a consequence of this, the privacy settings of the Whatsapp mod are more under your control.

How to download KL WhatsApp Apk

Step 1: You won’t be able to find the KL Whatsapp apk download on Google Play. Instead, open your phone’s browser and type in “KL WhatsApp Pro APK” in the search bar.

Step 2: You’ll be presented with a variety of alternatives. Don’t forget to get the file from the official website.

Step 3: As part of the installation procedure, be sure to activate the “Unknown sources” option on the Settings page.

Step 4: Once the KL WhatsApp Pro APK file has been downloaded, enter your phone number to finish the registration procedure.

Step 5: Once you’ve completed the setup, you’re ready to use WhatsApp.

Step6: Now onwards, enjoy KL Whatsapp features app with extraordinary one-to-one features.

How to use KL WhatsApp Apk

As soon as you KL Whatsapp apk download and touch the icon that looks like it has three lines running horizontally across it in the top right corner, a menu will display with several options. The majority of the mod’s additional configuration options may be found in the KLSettings file. 

Furthermore, when you open up this menu, you will be presented with several different options that affect various aspects of the application. The remaining options on the menu are straightforward to choose from. 

What are some functions of the KL WhatsApp Apk?

Restart When you restart WhatsApp, the app will automatically refresh. We may utilize the “Message a number” feature in order to interact with a phone number that is not already on our contact list. It’s possible we’ll create a new group that we’ll label “New group” with plenty of contacts. 

Because of advancements in broadcast technology, we are now able to transmit live. The web-based version of WhatsApp may be personalized via the use of the WhatsApp Web, and computer users can connect with one another through the use of the WhatsApp Web. By preserving conversations, we will have the ability to retrieve previously stored topics. 

If we click on Starred, we will be sent to the messages that we have marked for later viewing, and if we click on Options, we will be taken to the changeable settings for the official WhatsApp client. These features include encryption, two-step authentication, backup settings, usage and storage data, and notifications.

How to use two accounts on KL WhatsApp Apk?

Suppose we use KL Whatsapp apk download in combination with the official client or any other application that operates on the same operating system. In that case, we can use two WhatsApp accounts at the same time. This is true whether or not we use KL WhatsApp alone. The only thing necessary in this case is having two different phone numbers, one for each version of WhatsApp.

Simply install KL WhatsApp and a second WhatsApp client, and when you’re ready to activate your user, make sure you provide two different, genuine phone numbers so they can both receive an SMS with the verification code. 

In addition, the KL WhatsApp apk app is a modified version of WhatsApp that allows users to send and receive multimedia messages. From this point forward, you can use both WhatsApps concurrently without any problems.


1)Is KL Whatsapp Apk Safe?

You can download and enjoy its WhatsApp features at your fingertips without worrying. Don’t worry about safety, as it is a 100% secure and trustworthy app.

2) Can I hide my status on KL Whatsapp App?

Yes, friends, you can hide your status on the KL Whatsapp App. You can even hide the status of a particular person or group.


After the third or fourth time you use it, the specific qualities it has will become as natural to you as breathing and eating. Moreover, Not only is the KL Whatsapp apk download one of the versions of WhatsApp that has been updated the most extensively, but it also gives you the ability to customize almost every aspect of the WhatsApp app itself. Further, you have the ability to choose the level of privacy you desire for particular sections, such as the delivery status and the media gallery. We think that this WhatsApp hack is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

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