Kinemaster Gold APK For Android [No Watermark]

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Kinemaster Gold APK For Android [No Watermark]
NameKinemaster Gold APK
PublisherKineMaster Corporation
Get it On Google Play
UpdatedMay 18, 2022
MOD FeaturesPremium

Alternative App: MX Player Pro MOD APK

Kinemaster Gold APK Download has been tweaked to allow you to use most of the Hack’s capabilities. Some developers worked on the original Kinemaster Pro APK to construct the Kinemaster Pro APK MOD and unlock the Hack with the help of this Apk. So, if you want to enjoy the features of Kinemaster Pro without spending any money, you’ve come to the right place. 

Kinemaster Gold Apk: What is it?

Kinemaster Gold APK Download is a customized version of the official Kinemaster application that includes a gold interface and other functionality not seen in the original. The goal of distributing this modded program is to make all premium features that previously required a paid subscription available for free.

The app has a premium golden look, additional 3D transitions, no watermark, a newly designed timeline, and other great features that create a professional working experience for free.

Bugs in 3D Transitions Multi-Layer New Animations in 4K Video Editing

The hacked version of the software, published in this post, unlocks all the premium features described above.

After installing Kinemaster Gold APK Download on your Android device, you will never be prompted for any payment information.

You may utilize FX Effects to make your movies look more theatrical, and you can add your voice to the films without using any additional software.

The Chroma key is one of the most admirable aspects of this video editing software. It allows you to produce high-quality short films with fantastic Hollywood-style effects quickly. You’ll be astonished to learn that this program can edit 4K video on low-end devices, so it’s famous worldwide.

Features of the Kinemaster Gold Apk:

Several layers

Video editors understand that a video’s complexity is determined by the number of layers it contains. It’s just impossible to make a sophisticated video without having the freedom to include numerous videos and tracks. 

Asset Store for Kinemaster

Many things are already possible in Kinemaster’s default nation. However, if you want to improve your video editing skills, you must visit the Kinemaster Asset Store. Why? Because it has an infinite number of effects, overlays, transitions, soundtracks, and fonts. You may easily download Kinemaster Gold APK Download and utilize them in your movie from this page.

Colour correction, animations, and multi-layering

In Kinemaster Gold APK, we may change the colors. Controlling brightness, contrast, saturation, and vibrance can be done with various methods. Various filters are also available. As a result, you can make your video stand out. With its built-in features, you can add fantastic animation to your videos.

KineMaster MOD APK: Chroma Key

One of KineMaster MOD APK’s most delicate features is the Chroma Key. You can use it to delete all of the backdrops and alter your background. You can modify your destination to somewhere you’ve never been before.

Media accessibility

This program can upload practically any type of media due to its effectiveness. You can import either moving photographs or music into the app. This allows you to accomplish this much more quickly because you are no longer limited to specific document styles.

Effects of transition

Transitions are what give a video its flavor. They enable anyone to provide a flawless and seamless video experience. Kinemaster Pro includes a large number of ready-to-use transitions. There are many excellent video editing software applications that you may dismiss as ineffective, such as Adobe Premiere.

KineMaster Pro Mod Apk video preview

In Kinemaster, what was once impossible in the beyond is now possible. Humans might have had difficulty reviewing their movies in video editing software back then if they didn’t have the most total of 4GB of RAM. This isn’t the case with this software, though!

KineMaster Pro Mod Apk: Control Speed

You may also change a video’s speed from sluggish to quick. This device allows you to generate a wide range of high-quality effects. This feature was previously unavailable in older video editing software. 


Updated features:

Import and export of project files are now supported.

Replace media (video and photo) files in the Timeline UX/UI improvements in 

Kinemaster Gold APK Download:

Design of the new home screen

(Email Support is now located at the bottom of each FAQ entry.)

Download the latest version of KineMaster Pro Mod Apk now (No Watermark) 2022 All Unlocked Full Version

1. Supports Asset Store search by category.

2. Searching in the Audio Browser is supported.

3. Allows for installing custom fonts and applying previously used fonts to newly added text.

5. This allows you to reduce the resolution of imported videos.

Changes in UX/UI:

1. The Replace button is relocated to the Options menu panel.

KineMaster Pro Mod Apk Full Version Free Download

KineMaster Professional This app is available on ApkWorldPro or Google Play for Android 6.0 and up. All APK / XAPK files are authentic and entirely secure for download. Kinemaster Gold APK Download. KineMaster Video Editor, Video Maker Apk Mods Free Download latest version.

Google Play Store has further information.

Kinemaster Pro Hack Apk Installation

Step 1: Activate the Download Button: A download link has been provided above. To proceed, click on it.

Step 2: Go to the Download Page: After clicking the Download button, you’ll be taken to a new download page with a direct download link for the Mod APK. To begin downloading, go to that URL.

Step 3: Enable Unknown Source: Enable the Unknown Source settings on your Android phone until the download is complete to install this third-party software.

Step 4: In File Manager, move to Google play or play store and install the Kinemaster Pro MOD APK.


  • It accepts a variety of file types.
  • It has a straightforward user interface.
  • It allows users to process a considerable number of videos simultaneously.
  • Professional abilities are not required.


  • It just provides a few editing options.
  • Purchasing software

Applications or uses:

Are you a full-time video editor looking for an application to make your job easier and more productive? You’ve come to the correct place if you answered yes because I will share Kinemaster Gold Apk with you in this post.

Now you can experience video editing like a pro, making your film professional and entertaining for viewers.

There are hundreds of video editing apps for Android devices, including Video Show, PowerDirector, FilmoraGo, and many others, but most are prohibitively pricey. However, most apps contain sufficient capabilities in their free editions but fail to meet users’ expectations.

However, as we all know, Kinemaster has a slew of premium features that must be unlocked.


The user tries to recover the data and save himself by completing the task. This program can assist users with video clips of up to 4K quality that meet the application’s standards. The app successfully obtains Kinemaster Gold APK Download a few layers or as big a bargain as you desire. The timeline is at the bottom of the screen, which is common in video editing software. However, when you add more layers, the length of each one decreases, and you can quickly scroll to see everyone.


Q. Should I run this app on a rooted device?

A. To run Kinemaster Mod Apk, you do not need to root your device because it works flawlessly without any particular device configuration.

Q. Is this app compatible with iOS devices?

A. Unfortunately, no modded program has been released for iOS devices, and attempting to install the.apk file would result in an installation error.

Q. Is there any advertising in Kinemaster Gold?

A. Kinemaster Gold Apk has no advertising, making video editing simple and enjoyable.

Q. Is 4K video editing possible with this app?

A. Yes, you can quickly edit and export 4K videos without experiencing any slowdown.

Q. Is KineMaster available for free?

A. Kinemaster is a video editing app for iOS and Android that is both free and subscription-based. In reality, both gadgets have a similar user interface.

Q. Is KineMaster dangerous for Android users?

A. As there have been no recorded incidences of security infringement or privacy failures on KineMaster, it is safe to use.

Q. How can I remove a Kinemaster watermark?

A. On Android, you must download the active version of the Kinemaster app apk with no watermark. Because it is the cracked version, there will be no watermark after editing, and you will not be charged.

Q. What are the different KineMaster versions?

A. KineMaster is available in two versions: free and premium. Both versions are popular, but the free version is more so because it is more affordable. However, some individuals download KineMaster Premium for free from websites that provide KineMaster Premium.

Q. Is KineMaster Kinemaster Gold APK Download an Indian application?

A. KineMaster is a multimedia software firm based in South Korea with offices in the United States, China, and Spain. KineMaster is not a Chinese application. KineMaster is also a publicly traded corporation with no Chinese ties, trading on the Korean stock exchange.

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