Google Camera App 8 For Android 2022 [All Smatphone Support]

Google Camera is Google’s authorized camera software for Android smartphones, and it’s an alternate for the camera app that accomplishes installed by insolvency.

The difficulty is the central aspect that appears to mind when you reckon about Google Camera. The problem is that the button you utilize to seize the photo takes up virtually a fifth of the screen, impeding your belief in enormous screen size. 

Exempt from this problem, the rest of the interface is presently very user-friendly. You may detonate spherical portrayals to take benefit of the 360-degree notions that enclose you.

You can also utilize the high-resolution panoramic image mode or pertain an out-of-focus consequence to SLR photos with a trivial (false) depth of area. An ample side panel furnishes permit all of this.

Google Camera is a reliable camera software that doesn’t employ many filters or other bells and whistles. It’s a substantial alternative that does precisely what it should: it authorizes you to snap elegant portrayals whenever you prefer.

Features of Google’s Camera

HDR Plus, Motion, night mode, panoramic, and photosphere are the fundamental accentuates that set Google camera asunder from other camera apps.


High Dynamic Range is summarised as HDR. Strengthening contrast and colors is an easy term for it. As a spectacle, it can be respected as the contraction of data forfeited when photographing two surroundings on the identical shelf with more and fewer lanterns. It is an upgraded aspect of HDR, as interpreted in HDR Plus.

Bolstered HDR +

HDR + Advanced is a more advanced version of HDR +. It’s analogous to HDR +; only it mixes darker, brighter, and different images than HDR +.


This purpose is identical to Apple’s Live Photos and HTC’s Zoe modes. When Motion is triggered, a small movie is documented and deposited in the snapshot.


On Google Camera, there is also a scenery shot alternative. In Panorama mode, you have four shooting options. Horizontal, vertical, broad curve, and fisheye options are accessible.


A photosphere is essentially a 360-degree panorama method. Users can, however, prefer it as a distinct alternative in Google Camera.

Sight at Night

Night Sight is a more advanced version of HDR + Enhanced. When the stoner hits the shutter button, the camera takes up to 15 photographs of 1/15 second or six frames of 1 second. It conserves them by diversifying their colors by employing AWB (Auto White Balance), a Google technology. As an outcome, images taken in low light are more luminous and more transparent. For this mode, we can state that most stoners favor Gcam.


Dissimilar to other smartphones and camera apps, the Google camera’s portrait mode does not require special hardware. The targeted aspect and the backdrop are segregated from one other, and the bokeh consequence is imparted to the background, gratitude to its artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.

Playground / AR Stickers

This purpose, which debuted with the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, enables you to encompass AR (augmented reality) components into your portrayals and videos.

How To Download And Install The Google Camera App 8 For Android

To install the Google Camera app, creator parrot043 delved inside the Google Camera 8 app and established the first hacked Gcam 8 APK. The recent mod is synonymous with nearly all Android phones. Nonetheless, there are specific constraints. The most vital is that the camera2 API is benefited. You’ll also desire to make convinced your gadget is operating Android 10. If you install Google Camera 8 on a smartphone riding Android 9.0 or lower, it will not regulate. However, the method is rather precise, and all you have to do is pursue the ways below.


  • Install the APK on your gadget.
  • I prefer the Google Camera app and install it. (You may be provoked to authorize app installation from external references, but don’t worry, the app is safe.)
  • Once the Google Camera icon emerges in your launcher, open it.
  • You can download and install Google Camera app seven or any mod that is synonymous with your version of Android for older versions of Android.
  • Now you can use all of Gcam 8’s incredible capacities, such as Astrophotography and the 24FPS filming mode. The latter is a must-see for all cinephiles! 
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes Gcam so different?

Because angles do not restrict it, Gcam’s panorama characteristic is considered decent. It authorizes you to take dramatic portrayals from any angle, encompassing vertically, horizontally, and at a 360-degree angle. In expansion, Google Camera has a video recording mode that instructs the stoner when they are filming vertically.

Q: Is Gcam only for Snapdragon?

Snapdragon processors are familiar in smartphones, and they operate well with the camera. Nonetheless, today’s Mediatek processors accomplish admirably. Gcam repeatedly crashes on Exynos and Kirin processors. iPhones do not want fund scams.

Q: Is Gcam compatible with Mediatek Density?

The Mediatek Dimensity series delivers excellent characteristics and achievements. If a processor reserves the camera 2 API, it will virtually support Google Camera. The camera 2 API is benefited by the Redmi Note 8 Pro, which operates on the Helio G90t SoC and helps Google Camera.

Q: Is there a Google Camera app for Android?

Provisions: The most current version of Google Camera is just synonymous with Pixel phones operating Android 12 or elevated. Only Wear OS 2.0 devices associated with Pixel phones function with the recent version of Google Camera for Wear OS. On some smartphones, some functionalities are not accessible.


Google Camera is a camera app for Android ascertained by Google. Gcam is a prominent abbreviation. The insolvency camera software on Google Pixel gadgets has had prosperous photography employment in current years.

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