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UpdatedSeptember 30, 2022
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The Fap CEO mod apk is an android game where you can complete your dreams to be the CEO of the company. In the FAP CEO mod apk, you are the CEO or the boss, and you have to hire the employees for your company. Based on their skills, you have to choose the best employees for your company.

The FAP CEO mod apk is not just about hiring people, but you also have to manage them and find different methods by which you can grow your company and make it bigger than other companies in the industry.

In the FAP CEO mod apk, you don’t just have to work as a traditional CEO, but you will be dealing with the hottest girls around you. Moreover, you have the most beautiful employees in your company, and the exception to this is that you are the only male in your company, and you are all around the hot girls dealing with them all the time, besides growing the company. You can flirt with these hot employees and invite them to have dinner with you at your home.

Fap CEO Mod Apk Overview

FAP CEO mod apk is a popular Android game in which users may start their own company and grow it from the ground up. Over ten million people have downloaded the game. There are various aspects of the game that contribute to its popularity.

One of them is the ability to start your own company and grow it from scratch. The player can choose whether they want to be an oil tycoon or a TV star, and then they must manage their money, employees, and time wisely to succeed.

The addition of new game modes, such as “Fashion Tycoon,” is another feature that has been recently introduced in the FAP CEO mod apk. Players can customize garments and then sell them to gain extra money in this mode.

In addition, the user can earn more money by designing their own clothing. There are also additional modes that have been added in the FAP CEO mod apk, such as a focus on operational competition and many more.

Fap CEO Mod Apk Info

FAP CEO is a great game for adults who are above the age of 18+. The game lets you run your own business, and you can grow it to an extreme level. FAP CEO mod apk comes with a unique idea for players to run the firm along with their female employees. You can share your dream fantasies and play with your lady employees in the game.

Not just that, but the FAP CEO mod apk keeps your entertainment up and running with different characters and levels. You have numerous characters to play with, and you can scale them all up with your business skills. You will be able to engage with different female employees in the game. Also, you can invite them to a coffee or a dinner, and the choice is yours.

Basically, you can use your master plan along with your business skills to grow your company as well as hire hot employees that prioritize the business and dedicate their time to the company.

Fap CEO Mod Apk Features

FAP CEO is a game where you can start from the ground up and establish your own corporate empire to become a millionaire. You can begin with a tiny office and expand it into an empire. You can also earn more money, expand your office and hire new lady employees. Moreover, you can unlock new things by completing tasks. FAP CEO mod apk also has the following features:

Unlimited Money

FAP CEO Mod apk provides you with a limitless amount of money in the game. You can use this money to unlock characters and levels indefinitely. Furthermore, you can utilize the FAP CEO mod apk’s unlimited money to unlock whatever you need, whether it’s skins or stages.

You won’t have to worry about losing your progress because you don’t have enough money or are unable to access certain stages if you use the FAP CEO Mod apk. You can unlock anything you want if you have an endless amount of money.

Fap CEO Mod Apk

Deal with Hot Employees

The FAP CEO mod apk allows you to deal with your company’s gorgeous female staff. With the attractive chicks in your office, you can flirt and flaunt. You don’t need permission from anyone as you’re the boss. You can invite the attractive females around for dinner or take them out for coffee later in the evening.

High-Quality Graphics

You can enjoy every aspect of the game with the FAP CEO mod apk’s high-quality graphics. The game features high-resolution 2D graphics that allow you to fully appreciate the game’s beauty. You can customize the graphics to fit your device. However, most devices will have similar images because the game already has the highest quality 2D graphics.

Hire Hot Ladies

As the owner of your firm, you have the choice of hiring female employees. In the office, you can flirt with attractive women. You are free to ask them whatever you want, and the tale will develop from there. In the FAP CEO mod apk, you can select different settings based on your preferences, and a unique story will be created for each character.

Fap CEO Mod Apk

Manage Your Company

The FAP CEO mod apk has elevated you to the position of CEO, and as CEO, you must oversee the company’s operations. You must start your own business from the ground up. You must also manage the workforce while having fun at work. You can hire or fire the employees, depending upon your and the company’s requirements.

Grow Your Business

As the CEO of your company, you must concentrate on expanding it. You can, on the other hand, concentrate on the girls and have a good time with them. You may not only invite the gorgeous girls out for dinner or coffee, but you can even date them with the FAP CEO mod apk. You can contact these attractive ladies in FAP CEO in a variety of ways.

How to Install Fap CEO Mod Apk on Android?

To install the FAP CEO mod apk on your android phone, you must download the FAP CEO mod apk file on your phone. Moreover, you need to enable some basic permissions. Here is how to install the FAP CEO mod on your phone:

  • First of all, download the FAP CEO mod apk on your phone.
  • Next, click on the file, and you will be prompted to enable the Unknown Sources permissions.
  • Enable the permission, and you can then install the apk file.
  • That’s it. The file will be installed on your phone.


So that’s everything there is to know about the FAP CEO mod apk, its features, and how to install it on your phone. It’s an excellent method to realize your ambition of becoming the CEO of a firm that employs attractive women.

The goal of the game is to run a business and become wealthy. You begin with a team of lady employees and office space. You must ensure that you have the resources to keep your business running effectively by ensuring that you can afford to pay your employees’ salaries, purchase new equipment, and, if necessary, update your office space.

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