Facebook Mod APK v372. [Dark Mode] Download 2022

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Facebook Mod APK v372. [Dark Mode] Download 2022
NameFacebook Mod APK
PublisherMeta Platforms, Inc. 
Size61 MB 
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UpdatedJune 17, 2022
MOD FeaturesPremium

Alternative App: Treasure of Nadia MOD APK

Download Facebook mod APK latest version from this page. You can enjoy all the modded features like unlimited followers, dark mode, Ad-free, and clutter. You can connect with your friends anytime, anywhere, share your interests and emotions, and use the platform as long as you have access to the Internet.   

Overview of the Facebook Mod APK

For those who have the utmost interest in knowing about Facebook mod APK, it is an excellent Facebook mobile application that allows you to quickly and easily connect to social networks through an Android device. 

You do not need a slow and free internet browser to enjoy your Facebook communities. All the Facebook features are available on mobile devices, providing a smooth and satisfying experience for most Android models. 

One can stay in touch with friends and family freely. You can follow a selected social page. You need to check the status and conditions of others via the available Facebook pages and profiles. 

What more? 

You can stay in touch with your family and friends freely. You will be able to follow all your selected pages on social media. You can check the status and conditions of other people through social media Facebook pages and profiles available. 

Also, you can have fun chatting and communicating with your friends using the intuitive Facebook messenger. You can share your favourite content- news, videos, images, etc. All standard features of this version of Facebook are also available in the mobile App. 

Facebook Mod APK
Facebook Mod APK
Facebook Mod APK


In addition, this makes the mobile Application even more satisfying. Android users can also choose a modified version of the Application, offering many useful functions not included in the official Application. You can enjoy all the benefits of Facebook mod APK whenever you want. 

What is Facebook? 

Through Facebook, you can share with your loved ones online using Facebook, a social networking site. Facebook was built in 2004 by Harvard University student Mark Zuckerberg for college students. 

A valid email and 13 years above are required to join Facebook by 2006. More than 1 billion people use Facebook worldwide, making it the world’s largest social network. 

Facebook is unique; also, it allows one to connect and share with the people you care about at the same time. 

Facebook MOD APK features 

Connecting with people all across the Globe 

Mostly, every Android user on Facebook can enjoy an exciting social experience with this great mobile app. It is quite possible to make social friends who are unknown to you. All these features make Facebook the best application reliable for connecting people. 

Share your stories with others. 

Here at Facebook, every user has their social page and can post anything interesting that they feel to share but keep in mind that they do not violate the Facebook policy. You can share story status to keep their users updated about their lifestyle. 

You can upload photos, videos, and many more to create unforgettable Facebook video memories. You can never lose memory again, thanks to the available Facebook album option. All you need to do is make sure that your photos and videos are saved in your album. 

You can download and share the content as per your requirement. Also, you can see other people’s lives by taking a look at their Facebook walls, researching their recent activities, and contacting them. 


Once the Android users log in, they can use their Facebook, and no sooner will they receive notifications from the pages and groups they follow. Additionally, Facebook provides a comprehensive report of your account activities. Ensure that this allows most users to commit fully to using online social media.

Join or find local businesses around you 

To make Facebook a better place for buyers and sellers, social media does provide intuitive local business settings for advertising online store markets. It connects the buyers directly to the sellers and thus helps to close the deal. Also, one can search for reliable buyers’ information and get the best reviews from other users. These features of Facebook make Facebook an excellent marketplace for exchanging goods. 

Join Social Events around you 

You can keep a check on every social media event around you, and Facebook provides notifications and suggestions for offline activities in which you can participate and have fun. So, it is worth taking your eyes off and putting them on your phone and inviting your friends to enjoy. Through this App, you will have an excellent online and social contacts tool.

Making Facebook friends 

You can add friends in many different ways. One is through a search, looking for them in Find friends, or importing a contact list from your email, iCloud, or phone. 

Go to your Facebook profile, select the Pals Tab, and press the Find friends button to find your friends. You will find a list of friend requests from other people and a list of people you might know so that you can add friends as your Facebook friends. 

Making a Facebook post

The Major goal of Facebook is to make it easier for friends and family communication with each other. Also, this is one of the most remarkable ways to stay in touch with your friends and family and keep them updated about your life. 

You can go to the text box at the top of your news feed page or on your profile page to share a Facebook status. Also, you can post text with 15 different color variants for backgrounds, photographs, videos, GIFs, stickers, and links with status updates. 


The Facebook Event page displays any future events that are very popular among your Facebook friends or have been organized by any group from the group you belong to. You can also search for events by date, location, or category. 

To get to the events page, you need to select the home page. Then on the left sidebar, there is an Explore section, where you can choose from various events.                   


Facebook is not only a competitor of Netflix in the streaming industry but is also a competitor with eBay in the marketplace industry. One can search for products of every kind, join groups to make purchases, sell things to people in your neighborhood or with ones who share similar interests, shop for products sold by different shops, shop by category, and sell products via Facebook Mod APK’s Marketplace. 

Select the Home button for visiting the Facebook Marketplace, and then on the left sidebar, under the Watch button, you will find the Marketplace button. 


You will find many groups on Facebook that you run or belong to by going to the Groups page. Also, you can join groups that are based on Facebook’s recommendations and many other variations of categories. 

Forgoing to the group’s page, go to the home button and then to the Explore section on the left sidebar, where you may click Groups. 


One of the best features of Facebook is the Facebook Games. They have a great variety of games that you can browse by top charts and genres. Mostly the games can be played with friends also. 


Are you getting bored? Stuck about what to do? Then Facebook Mod APK has brought an exciting in-app experience that can help you deal with your boredom. There are a bunch of mini-games that you can play online on the Facebook application. You can invite your friends to play with you and enjoy having significant interaction as you play along.

Some additional features of Facebook Mod APK

Blocking Sponsored Post Ads 

Facebook Ads can be highly annoying and not required at times, so we cannot stop them for Facebook policy. 

Facebook Mod APK latest version is ad-free, so if you are not happy with the Ads, you can use the App yourself. 

You need to change the settings for controlling the Ads.   

Facebook with Messenger 

If you plan to use this Application, you do not need to install the Messenger App and block all of your phone’s Space. The Facebook Mod APK allows you to access both the App simultaneously. 

Facebook Dark Mode

Just because the Application gives a dark mode feature, so the App is known as Facebook Dark Mode APK. The dark mode automatically adjusts for day and night effects and is excellent for the eyes.  

Fingerprint and Passcode Lock

Fingerprint and Passcode Locks allow one to unlock the App with a combination of a fingerprint and Passcode. The smart lock will enable you to prevent authorization of several from using your Facebook App. 

How to download and Install Facebook Mod APK on your Android device? 

Step 1– You need to delete all the previous versions of the App if you have any installed on your device.

Step 2- Go to the settings, click on security, and click on Enable the unknown sources (if the installation does not start). 

Step 3- The Facebook Mod APK is downloaded on your android device.

The Facebook Mod APK for this App is extremely easy to download and install. Follow these steps to install the Facebook Mod APK on your Android device- 

Step 1- Click on the download button

Step 2- Wait until the download is completed

Step 3- Install the App on your Android device 

Step 4- Follow the steps below 

Step 5- As it is properly installed, you can start using these unique features for using this App.   

How to install Facebook Mod APK on your PC?

It is extremely easy to install Facebook Mod APK on your PC. So, this is how you can install the App on your PC.

Step 1- You need to download and install it on your PC, and an Android emulator is used to run any mobile app on your PC. 

Step 2- Once you have completed installing the emulator, you must download the Mod APK from our site. 

Step 3- Once you have installed the emulator, you will need to download the Mod APK from our site. 

Step 4- Once you have downloaded it, you need to execute the file or click on “Import from Windows” for installation. 

Step 5- Once you have installed it, click on the launch button, and you are all set to use the App.

Note- You must uninstall any previously installed version of the App before installing this modded version.

Pros of using Facebook Mod APK

There are several benefits of using this App- 

  • Anonymous story viewer 
  • Instant switching between multiple Facebook Accounts 
  • Desktop Version 
  • Premium or Pro Unlocked 


  1. Is it safe to use Facebook Mod APK? 

Yes, it is 100% safe to use Facebook Mod APK but make sure that you have researched the website you are downloading from, as those websites might contain malicious content. 

  1. Can anyone hack Facebook Mod APK? 

It is not possible to hack anyone’s Facebook account just randomly. So, do not worry about your Facebook Mod APK getting hacked. 

  1. Can one use Facebook Mod APK with the official App? 

No, it is not possible to use a modded version and the original version to run in the same Application. If you still want to give this method a try, then you will surely get an installation error. 

  1. Why is the Mod version of the Facebook App not available on the Google Play Store? 

There are ample gamed and Apps available on the Google Play Store, and hence it is not required for the Apps to abide by some set of rules and regulations as directed by Google. 

As Facebook Mod APK does not abide by the rules and regulations set by Google, the Mod version is not available on the Google play store. 

Bottom Line 

Facebook Mod APK allows one to access more features of Facebook and the best part about this App is it is free. 

If you like the MOD Version of the App, then make sure you are sharing it with your friends.       

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