DINGTONE MOD APK v5.7.3 [Unlimited Credits, Pro Unlocked]
NameDingtone Mod APK
PublisherDingtone Phone
Size45 MB
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UpdatedJuly 24, 2022
MOD FeaturesPremium

Alternative App: Galaxsim Unlock Apk

The world is increasing and speeding up in the field of technology and connectivity. With this advancement in technology come a number of threats and vulnerabilities. One of the basic causes of these threats and vulnerabilities is the phone number of an individual, as everyone uses their phone number to log in or sign up for any application. Therefore, the 3rd party application can use these phone numbers to track your information and cause harm.

Therefore, it is not quite safe to share your personal number everywhere. Therefore, Dingtone provides an additional line to your phone. Moreover, it also provides the feature for adding more than one number on your phone that you can use for various other purposes, like, using Twitter, Instagram, or even booking an Airbnb.

Dingtone Mod Apk

The Dingtone mod APK is one of the best mobile applications available online. It is used for adding a second or more than one number on your phone that is completely working. Therefore, you can use Dingtone mod APK to call and text your friend as well as family members no matter where they are located. In simple words, this application also provides their user with the facility of calling and texting through numbers internationally as well. Its interactive and easy-to-use interface makes it quite convenient for users of any age. Dingtone Mod APK provides you with the facility of unlimited calling and messaging, and that too without any ads.

Dingtone Mod APK

Dingtone Mod Apk features:

Dingtone MOD APK provides a number of useful facilities and features to its user. Some of the widely used features that are associated with Dingtone mod APK are given below.

  1. It allows the user to call anyone, whether it is a family member or friend, anytime without charging any extra cost. 
  2. It also allows the user to send text messages to anyone no matter where they are located. 
  3. Moreover, it also provides the features of unlimited calling through the Internet. 
  4. Similarly, it also provides the feature of unlimited messaging through the Internet. 
  5. One of the greatest features of Dingtone Mod APK is that you can listen to your favourite music using this application. 
  6. Dingtone Mod APK also provides an HD video calling facility. 
  7. It also provides an opportunity for the user to earn free data within the application.
Dingtone Mod APK

Downloading the Dingtone Mod APK:

Downloading the Dingtone Mod APK is quite simple and easy. A guideline to download this smart APK is given below:

  1. The website will have an option under the title, “Dingtone MOD APK Download 2022 [Unlimited Credits, MOD].”
  2. Click on the option in order to download the Dingtone APK.
  3. Once the APK file is downloaded, a popup box will appear on the screen.
  4. The popup box will ask for permission to install the APK from an unknown source.
  5. We need to go to the settings and the security option to allow the unknown source to install this app on your device.
  6. After giving permission, tap on the install option.
  7. Once permission is granted to the application, the Dingtone APK will install on your device.
  8. After the installation, a user can use it as usual with the features of unlimited calling and messaging to anyone around the globe.

However, it is advised to check for updates and the new version of the app. As the Dingtone mod, APK keeps on updating itself and bringing the new and latest feature to the application for the convenience and interaction of the users. Once you find a new update or version of the app available on the website, follow the above-given steps again to update and install the latest version of the Dingtone APK file.

Dingtone Mod APK

Dingtone Mod Apk Newly added features:

Dingtone mod APK has provided a number of newly added features with the latest version of its application. A detailed description of these features of Dingtone mod APK is given below.

  • Group chat: with the latest update. The latest version of the Dingtone mod APK comes with the group chat feature. Under this feature, an individual is provided with the facility of creating a group of people that are like-minded, friends or families. An individual can share pictures, photos, videos, etc., through that group chat to those number of people that are connected together, no matter where they live, i.e., this group chat works internationally.
  • Number choice: The Dingtone mod APK comes with the unlocked features of premium facilities. Therefore, by using this application, a user will have the authority to choose the number of their own choice. An individual must choose a country code from which the number they want, and further, they can choose the number itself with full freedom. The number will be used by the individual as long as the application Is installed on the phone.
  • HD video calling: The Dingtone mod APK now comes with a facility for HD Video calling. In the beginning, it was just the texts and calls to anyone around the globe. Now it comes with a feature of even video calling your friends, colleagues, and family no matter where they are. This is one of the features that has attracted a large audience.
  • Sharing through media: apart from the facility of unlimited messaging and calling, Dingtone Mod APK also provides the facility of sharing the media images, PNG, videos, etc. Moreover, this facility of sharing the media is free of cost. Therefore, an individual can connect with their friends and families using this app by sharing images, videos, etc.
  • Duplicate number: One of the latest features of the Dingtone mod APK is that it helps individuals find a duplicate and exact copy of their numbers in any of the country codes, including America, Canada, etc. Therefore, this duplicate number works as a burner number, which a user can stop using anytime.


Dingtone mod APK is a highly used application in today’s world. As with the importance of technology and networking, there are several threats, hacking, and vulnerability caused to individuals. Therefore, Dingtone mod APK provides a duplicate number which can also be termed a burner number, so that a person can use the facility of calling, texting as well as video calling locally and internationally without causing any extra charges. The Dinton Mod APK has an unlocked facility of mostly all the premium features. 


  1. What are the features of Dingtone Mod Apk?

The Dingtone Mod Apk provides several features, including unlimited text messaging, messaging through the Internet, calling through the Internet, video calling, a group chat, sharing media, etc.

  1. How will I be able to Add all of my contacts in the Dingtone mod APK?

If the contacts are synced with your Gmail account or with Facebook, it will be quite easy to transfer all of the contacts into the Dingtone mod APK.

  1. What are the newly added features at Dingtone Mod APK? 

The newly added features of Dingtone Mod APK include choosing a number of your choice as well as a group chat feature and finding a duplicate number, i.e., a burner number.

  1. Does Dingtone Mod APK provides calling internationally? 

Yes, the Dingtone mod APK provides the user with the facility of international calling without causing any extra charge.

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