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UpdatedSeptember 29, 2022
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Clone Armies is one of the latest and greeted battle games available on the Google Play store. The game has been recently introduced. It is majorly an action game in which you have to attack your enemies. The game is getting popular among mobile gamers, and they are now looking to have unlimited money in the game.

However, it is difficult to find Clone Armies Mod APK on the internet, as there are a lot of fake websites which are filled up with viruses and malware. Thankfully, we have all you need. We have got the right MOD apk for you. Below, you can download the Clone Armies Mod Apk, have a look.

clone armies mod apk

Clone Armies Mod APK Overview

Clone Armies is an Android game that was first launched in 2017. It’s a multiplayer strategy game with a focus on invasion and battle. Building a base, gathering resources, training troops, and assaulting other players are all part of the game.

You can play as one of three teams in Clone Armies: Humans, Machines, or Mutants. In terms of production speed, military strength, and research speed, each side has its unique strengths and disadvantages. You’ll have to figure out which one best suits your playing style.

Clone Armies Mod APK Info

Clone Armies Mod APK is a tower defense game in which you can clone an army of your own to defend your castle from attackers. It’s also been updated with new features, including the ability to design your base and a range of other changes that make it even tougher and more entertaining.

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When it comes to the known issues in the Clone Armies Mod APK, then there are no such major issues, but sometimes it can disconnect from the internet while your internet is working fine. Apart from that, there is a sync issue that gets automatically fixed in a few seconds.

Clone Armies Mod APK Features

The Clone Armies mod apk adds a lot of new dimensions to the experience. The mod is all about clones, which are basically additional lives, and your aim is to use your clone army to take over the globe.

You’ll need money and equipment to accomplish this. You will make more money if you have more clones. This means that if you want to fast acquire additional clones, you should take over countries with large populations and structures.

The Clone Armies mod apk also includes an online option in which users can compete in a multiplayer battle royale style game mode. Apart from unlimited money and weapons, there are a lot of features that Clone Armies MOD APK is equipped with, and below we have listed some of them.

Various Weaponry

Clone Army mod apk includes a large number of weaponry that you can use with your clone armies. There are over 100 different sorts of weaponry to pick from throughout the game. Pistols, Submachine Guns, Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Shotguns, and other weapons are divided into many categories.

clone armies mod apk

Multiplayer Mode

In the Clone Armies mod apk, the multiplayer mode lets users play with others online or over LAN network connections. You can also make custom games with people that live close by so that you don’t have to worry about lag while playing.

Unlimited Blue Coins, DNA

The Clone Armies mod apk has a limitless amount of Blue Coins or DNA. You have the option of purchasing all of the weaponry and upgrading your squad to the highest level.

clone armies mod apk

All Levels Unlocked

The Clone Armies mod apk comes with all levels unlocked in the main campaign mode for players who want to play through them without having to wait for them to become available through level progression.

Unlimited Rewards

Players are free to produce as many clone armies as they desire without running out of resources. You can make all of your prizes infinite with the mod apk, which means you won’t have to wait for them to regenerate before using them again.

clone armies mod apk

Boss Fights are now Easy

Players will no longer have to worry about bosses being too challenging because they will be backed up by an army of clones. Because they can’t attack while sleeping and their health regeneration don’t operate while someone stands near them, boss fights are now simple.

Customizable Base

Players can use this feature to create their own towers by merging various blocks. This enables them access to a variety of rooms, from which they can design methods for stopping enemy attacks or performing their own offensive moves.

clone armies mod apk

No Ads

Clone Armies mod apk has no advertisements, making it easier for gamers to enjoy themselves while playing the game. This mod is ad-free, so you won’t have to worry about seeing adverts every time you open a new level or watch an ad before starting the game.

All Premium Features Unlocked

Clone Armies Mod APK unlocks all premium features as well as unlimited money and resources, allowing you to upgrade your weaponry like never before! When these two factors are coupled, there is no limit to what you may do.

How to Play Clone Armies Android Game?

Clone Armies is a game where you have to command a clone army. There is no pre-determined storyline, but you can make up your own while you play.

The game is played at a top-down angle, with your clones on the left side of the screen and the opponent on the right. You begin with one general and five soldiers, and each general can only have five men under his command at any given time.

You’ll be able to do more and more with your clones as the game progresses. You’ll be able to train, equip, and dispatch them on missions in order to earn money for yourself and the military.

In order to keep up with the demands of the military’s instructions, you’ll also need to run your lab by employing scientists, upgrading equipment, and studying new technologies.


Clone Armies mod apk is a fantastic action game in which you command a battlefield army of clones. One of the game’s best features is the ability to clone your warriors by simply tapping on them. The cloned soldiers land in the exact same place as the original soldiers, and they can easily assist you in winning conflicts.

Furthermore, the mod apk allows you to have infinite money, guns, and weaponry in the game. Clone Armies mod apk gives you a competitive advantage over your opponents. The best part is that it’s completely free to download on Android.

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