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UpdatedJuly 3, 2022
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Alternative App: Music Maker Jam

The CashZine app is a mobile application available for Android and iOS. This application is used for reading news. However, the catch here is the individual who uses this app can earn cash prizes by just reading this news. The CashZine app presents the news in video format and text format for reading. In order to earn the cash, the user is required to share the news with their friends. The basic tag of this app is “Refer and earn.” This app comes at a file size of less than 10 MB, which is quite convenient to down.

When you share the news from this app to any of your friends, the referral point gets collected in the form of coins, and these coins can be used to withdraw the cash directly into your Paytm account.

CashZine Mod Apk:

Cash sign mod APK is the modded version of the CashZine app. The CashZine mod APK provides several additional features to the individuals, making it more interactive and convenient for the user. Moreover, the CashZine Mod APK also provides several news categories that users can choose from. Some of these categories include economy, sports, health, technology, food, current affairs, as well as entertainment. The most important feature of the CashZine mod APK is unlimited money/coins. However, several limitations are implemented over the CashZine mod APK. It is strictly advised that you should not register for this application with the help of a VPN. Moreover, the CashZine mod apk must not be used with multiple accounts on a single device. These malicious activities might cause the account to get banned from the server.

CashZine Mod Apk features:

CashZine mod APK provides several additional features to the user, making the application more fun and interactive. Some of these interesting features are:

  1. CashZine mod APK provides content according to the user’s preference.
  2. It allows a chit-chat function to interact with your friends to discuss the news or content you are reading.
  3. CashZine Mod APK provides unlimited points and money on the app.

CashZine Mod Apk Coin Earnings:

The CashZine app is basically meant for collecting coins by referring news to your friends. However, there are several other features of this app that help you collect coins. Some of the general features are:

  1. The app provides you with a daily bonus. Therefore, if a user opens this app on a daily basis, they will earn more than 100 coins in return.
  2. This app basically works according to the time duration of reading the news. If a user takes 5 minutes to read the news, they will get approximately 50 coins. 
  3. There is a reward of 10 coins for sharing the news with your friends.
  4. Suppose an individual is watching a news video. They will be awarded approximately 100 coins.
  5. Moreover, there is a spin and win option with the help of which the user can spin the wheel to get the coins.
  6. A user can earn up to 8000 coins if they log in with a referral code.
  7. Similarly, if someone else downloads this app on your referral code, you will get a bonus of 9600 coins.

CashZine Mod Apk money Withdrawal:

The coins earned in this app can be directly withdrawn as cash into your Paytm account. However, there is a fixed exchange rate for each coin in this app. The most minimal exchange rate that is provided on the app is 1,600,000 coins, whose value is ₹1000. Similarly, 4,800,000 coins sum up to a value of ₹3000. At last, 8,000,000 coins are considered at a cash value of ₹5000. 

Some of the simple steps to withdraw the cash amount from the CashZine APK are:

  1. There will be a withdrawal icon on the top right corner of the application.
  2. Once you click on that icon, you will be redirected toward a page.
  3. The page will show you the exchange rate of the coins into the cash amount in the form of a table.
  4. Select the exchange rate according to the coins available in your wallet.
  5. Once you select the cash amount, you will be redirected to another page.
  6. This page will show your current coin balance as well as a “My redeem” option.
  7. Once you click on the “My redeem” option, the cash will be transferred into your Paytm wallet.

These simple steps can be used for transferring the coins into a cash amount and withdrawing it with the help of the Paytm account. You can do the same again once you have enough coin balance in your wallet.

Downloading the CashZine Mod APK:

Downloading the CashZine mod APK is quite an easy and simple step. The steps and guide for downloading the CashZine Mod APK are given below.

  1. Click on the link that is titled “Download CashZine mod APK Unlimited money/coins.”
  2. First, if you click on that link, the downloading will start itself.
  3. Once the application is downloaded, a pop-up box will appear on the screen.
  4. Click on the install option.
  5. CashZine mod APK will be installed on your device.

Once the app is installed on your device, it is required to register with an authentic Gmail account into the app. It would be best if you were careful that you must not use any VPN while registering for the application.


CashZine mod APK is one of the best APKs to read the news as well as watch the news in the video format and earn a lot amount of money. However, it is very important to have patience because the exchange rate starts at 1,600,000 coins, equal to ₹1000. However, with CashZine Mod APK, you can get the recommended content as well as read the most interesting news as per your choice. The facility of unlimited points and money in the application makes it more fun to use.


  1. What are the features of CashZine Mod Apk?

The CashZine Mod Apk provides the facility of unlimited money/Coins.

  1. What is the exchange value of CashZine Mod Apk coins in cash?

1,600,000 coins in CashZine Mod Apk are equal to ₹1000 in cash.

  1. How to withdraw cash from CashZine Mod Apk?

The cash can be withdrawn from CashZine Mod Apk by using the withdrawal icon at the top right corner of the application.

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