AZWhatsApp APK v10.90 Latest Version {official} Download

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AZWhatsApp APK v10.90 Latest Version {official} Download
NameAZWhatsApp APK
Size45 Mb
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UpdatedJune 3, 2022
MOD FeaturesPremium

Alternative App: GB Whatsapp Pro Apk

Presently, WhatsApp is a popular platform used for messaging and texting. In this app, you can create various groups for different types of people and share your photos or videos, and messages. Due to its facilities and service, it has become the very messaging app. Now we can see a green icon on every phone named WhatsApp. 


In recent years, WhatsApp mods have gradually gained popularity. One of the mods you should check is the latest version of AZWhatsApp APK Download. Oman-based developer Ali al-zabbi developed this mod. AZWhatsApp is one of the best mods out there.

AZWhatsApp APK Download is one of the greatest WhatsApp mods for removing repetitive multimedia notes from smartphones that keep cropping up.

This app can be used in conjunction with the official WhatsApp.

AZWhatsApp matches each WhatsApp mod’s new highlights. AZ WhatsApp Mod APK is the most recent version. You can control many versions of the WhatsApp APK download mod.

WhatsApp has new features in this area because it is a new mod. However, this WhatsApp mod is equivalent to other mods when used with YoWhatsApp or FMWhatsApp’s updated customization.

The most recent version of AZWhatsApp APK Download will provide you with capabilities that are not available in the official WhatsApp version. Because the official version of WhatsApp has various limitations, AZWhatsApp will address those flaws and provide you with a better WhatsApp experience than the official version. It has all of the functionality of the official WhatsApp version, such as a file, video, and photo sharing.

The original WhatsApp limits the file size that may be shared. However, AZWhatsApp APK Download will give you more. We’ll talk about it farther down in the post, so don’t stop reading.

Original WhatsApp has restricted functions, but all WhatsApp MODs have unique features. Because the creator of AZWhatsApp sought to enhance the app’s functionality. Download AZWhatsApp APK to use multiple WhatsApp accounts on your phone. It is the best way to use multiple WhatsApp accounts on one phone.

Ultimate features of AZWhatsApp APK

  • The features described below will not be available in the official version of WhatsApp because the creator of AZWhatsApp APK Download added them. 
  • It has all of the features of the original app.
  • Only special features are mentioned.

Do not disturb

You can disconnect the app from the internet to enjoy instant chatting. And don’t refer to it in a distracting manner.

More privacy

All private functions are within your control. You can customize functions for the character, double character, display status, write status, and recording status in this version. You can be entirely anonymous with this version.

More fonts

  • More than 30 new fonts are available for usage in chats.
  • Many more subjects
  • The theme library is the treasure of all the new themes.
  • There are over 3k different and best themes to choose from and Mark noble.

Translations and languages

You can speak more than 15 languages using this software. You can also convert the message into another language.

Secure Communication

You can protect specific news with a password. This feature provides security to you by having an intellectual right of privacy, and no one can join your talk before you give access to them.

Personal Data Protection

Surprisingly, you may conserve battery life by reducing the click’s additional capabilities. You may also conceal certain functionalities from the settings in the latest edition of AZ Whatsapp, although Fouad Whatsapp APK can also impress you in terms of privacy features. The following characteristics are included in the personal setting:

  • Keep ticks hidden.
  • Double tick protection
  • hides typing status recording status.

Mode of Flight

In AZ Whatsapp, there is an airplane mode that allows you to turn off your Whatsapp’s net or internet connection independently. Additionally, go to Airplane mode whenever you are bothered by texts and calls and want to be alone. You can call it “Do not disturb mode” if you want.

Delete the message.

The sender cannot remove messages in this version. The sender cannot delete the messages so that you have the real facts that the other person reveals to you.

Locked application

You can give the app a password to secure it and make it easier.

To fix

Many aspects of the app can be customized, including the navigation bar, wallpaper, app icon, and status bar.

Prohibition’s polar opposite

The AZWhatsApp APK Download is legal to use. You’re never limited to using the original application.

Contact online information

The AZWhatsApp APK Download will tell you when your contacts are online, and this way, you can communicate effectively.

  • Effectively hide last seen, blue ticks, double ticks.
  • Auto reply to group discussions.
  • The expiry date has been extended.
  • Convert any video into a gif.


This mod is an anti-ban. The developers of this mod have made it anti-ban so that you don’t face any problems using it.

Secure- protect chats

Protector set a password on a specific chat that you don’t want to show others. You can easily protect any chat in AZWhatsApp APK. By doing so, no one will see or interfere with your chats. To protect them end to end.

Android installation instructions

You must manually back up your messages and media files from the official WhatsApp before installing. You’ll be able to restore all of your messages and find them on AZWhatsApp without any problems. If you don’t back up your data, you’ll lose all of your communications and files sent through the program. Installing the mod is simple, and we’ve outlined the procedures below. If you follow these procedures, you won’t have any problems during the process:

1. Download the backup files from the official WhatsApp website. Go to Settings and then to Chats to accomplish this.

2. Select Backup Chat.

3. Remove the official WhatsApp app from your phone.

4. When prompted, enable Unknown 

sources before installing.

5.AZWhatsApp APK Download

6. Allow the application to run all authorizations.

7. Close the AZWA application.

8. Restart the application and click on agree and continue button.

9. Enter your mobile number and snap-on copy your WhatsApp date.

10. Check your gadget with OTP and restore your chats.

Get the full authority to customize your WhatsApp with beautiful themes and fonts. Shock your friends and family by activating its ultimate features hiding online status, double ticks, seen, always online and many more. Your friends will want to know the reason for your uniqueness. In the end, I want to say this is the best alternative to WhatsApp for your temporary number. WhatsApp and everything in the mod are very good.


AZWhatsApp is a new and improved version of the original WhatsApp, which is extensively used and adored by many people worldwide. Because this is not an official WhatsApp, it is not available on the “Play Store.”

This mod’s features are all outstanding. There are other handy features for you, such as the do not disturb mode, which provides increased privacy. Other features are also available, which you should investigate.

In comparison to other WhatsApp mods, AZWhatsApp APK is superior. It has all of YoWhatsApp’s features plus more. This app can be used without fear of being banned. Clearing duplicate media files are one of AZWhatsApp’s capabilities. It includes more options and functionality than WhatsApp’s official version.


This mod is best known for its features. Although it has the same features as WhatsApp APK Download, it also has some fantastic features. Those different features make it superior to the original WhatsApp. There are so many options such as do not disturb, anti-ban, customization and other privacy options. It would be best to use this mod to know about all its features.


Q What is AZWhatsApp APK Download?

A. AZWhatsApp is an alternative version of WhatsApp. You can easily download this app from websites. It is the mod version of WhatsApp, which serves many different features for users. You will receive many functions in it to customize your WA account.

Q. How to download the latest version of AZWhatsApp?

A. To download this app, you can visit websites. Once you reach the website, you can get the direct download link to get into your phone. And you will always get updates and upgrades of mods on these websites. So you can get the latest version of AZWhatsApp from there.

Q. IS AZWhatsApp safe to use on my phone?

A. I highly suggest you guys use your permanent number for AZWhatsApp as there are chances it might get banned in the future. So use your temporary number in AZWhatsApp.

Q. How to update WhatsApp?

A. To check you are using the latest version of AZWhatsApp, keep visiting the website. You will get a new update there.

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