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UpdatedJuly 7, 2022
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Alternative App: DINGTONE MOD APK

Regarding mobile and technology, there also comes the consideration of privacy and security. Privacy and security are the basic things that need to be considered by every individual while using a smartphone. In this world of connectivity and technology, every individual is just connected and concluded within the small device of the smartphone. All of their small details, whether it is some images, videos, or even some documentation, of them are stored within that smartphone. Therefore, if that smartphone goes into the hand of any untrustworthy or unauthorized personnel, it can harm the identity as well as the documentation of that individual.

Moreover, people keep some images or videos or any personal documentation they do not want to share with anyone. In that condition, it is required to hide them from the smartphone’s home page or any other visible folders. On this consideration, AppLock is the most useful application in these conditions.


The AppLock Mod APK are those applications that work as an extension for smartphone devices. The primary role of this application is to hide the photos, images, or even the document in the smartphone’s folders. However, these applications are now embedded with several features and facilities to provide more functionality and access to the users. The AppLock Mod APK is quite useful in this generation when everyone has some personal things that they do not want to share with the world. In such conditions, AppLock Mod APK provides several functions and features that help in hiding those photos, images, or documentation from smartphones. Therefore, an individual can lock their pre-installed applications that are already on their device by using this AppLock mod APK so that it is under their authority to use it.

AppLock Mod APK

AppLock Mod Apk features:

AppLock Mod APK provides a number of facilities and features to the user for their convenience. The features make this application one of the most trustworthy applications where individuals can have full trust over hiding their personal items. Some of the widely used features are:

  • Advanced protection: AppLock Mod APK provides the function of protecting their personal files by applying a password to them. Moreover, it provides the advanced protection of those personal files by providing 2-level authentication. In this 2-level authentication, apart from having a password on to the safe of the personal file, there will be a unique code sent to your personal mobile number to unlock that safe. It is one of the most highly-secured functions and features of the Block Mod apk.
  • Decoy protection: the block mod APK comes with decoy protection in this function. This application itself creates a decoy folder filled with the images collected from the Internet. The basic use of this declares folder comes up when someone forcefully wants you to open the safe. In such a condition, you can set up a fake password which will lead the individual to the decoy safe, and your personal information will be safe and secure.
  • Multiple passwords: AppLock mod APK comes with the functionality and feature of multiple passwords. With this function, the individual has the authority and access to create a different password for their different applications. The main objective behind this function is that if unauthorized person cracks or guests, one of the passwords or other applications might be kept safe in this condition. Therefore, multiple passwords are very secure and useful for AppLock mod APK.
  • Background display: The AppLock mod APK comes with the function of changing the background display where the password is entered. This gives the screen an authentic and classy look when the app lock is used. Moreover, the AppLock Mod APK does not consume much battery. Therefore, it is quite convenient for you, and this background display makes it classier and more stylish. 
  • Profile creation: The profile creation is the function of the AppLock Mod APK, where the individual has the authority to create a fake profile. Creating a fake profile creates a whole new user interface where all of the applications, files, games, documents, etc., are hidden altogether. Moreover, within the fake profile, the notification access is also changed, and it completely clones your device in such a manner that it doesn’t show any of your applications or files.
AppLock Mod APK

Updated Feature of AppLock Mod APK:

With the release of the updated version of the AppLock Mod Apk, there are several new features added to the application. These features are quite helpful as well as innovative. A list of the updated features of AppLock is given below:

  • Battery Consumption: One of an individual’s biggest questions is whether this application consumes a large amount of a battery. This AppLock mod APK is created and designed in such a manner that it does not consume a high amount of battery and functions as best as possible. Therefore, an individual can download this application without any hassle and insecurities.
  • Vault: This AppLock Mod APK also provides the function of creating a vault. This vault is a visualized and virtual safe where individuals can safely and securely store their personal files, documents, photos, videos, etc. This vault can be accessed by a password that an individual sets. Moreover, this vault is not visible on the home screen and can only be seen by the application and that too after entering the password.
  • Auto burn: The auto burn function is basically meant for gallery applications, where the photos and videos are saved. In this function, by entering the wrong password continuously 3 times, the app will burn up all of the files stored within that application. This function of AppLock mod APK is quite useful if someone tries to force you to open the app. Therefore, your personal files will be safe and secure from any harm.
AppLock Mod APK

Downloading the AppLock Mod APK:

AppLock mod APK can be downloaded easily by following simple steps and guidelines. This simple procedure to download the AppLock Mod APK is given below:

  • Visit the webpage that provides the facility of downloading the AppLock Mod APK.
  • There will be a link on the web page under “AppLock MOD APK 5.3.2 (Premium Unlocked) for Android.”
  • You must click on that link in order to download the AppLock mod APK.
  • You will be redirected to a new page when you click that link.
  • That certain page will describe the features and functions of the application. Moreover, it will show the details of the size of the file.
  • The page will also have a download button.
  • Click on that download option.
  • A pop-up box will appear on the screen as soon as you click the download option.
  • Confirm downloading from that pop-up box.
  • Once you confirm downloading the app lock mod APK, it will start downloading into your device.
  • After the application is downloaded to your device, it will ask permission to be installed.
  • Click on the install option from the pop-up box in the menu.
  • App lock Mod APK will be successfully installed into your device.

Once the application is downloaded, you can set up the password and the authentication level as per your requirement and hide the application, files, images, etc., that you want. Moreover, in the settings, you can create a fake profile, Change the background display as well as create a vault and change the passwords as per requirement. 

Uninstalling of AppLock Mod APK:   

The app lock mod APK is a very useful application with many functions and features. However, sometimes a condition occurs when an individual requires to uninstall this application. In such a condition, there are several rules and procedure that needs to be followed in order to install this application from the device successfully. Some of these procedures are:

  • Any application that the application has logged must be unlocked before uninstalling.
  • The 2-level authentication must be cleared out before the application’s passwords are removed.
  • If a secret folder is generated with an auto burner function, all the files, folders, and documents must be brought out into a visible folder. 
  • All the multiple passwords must be removed from each and every application.
  • If any fake profile is created or generated by the application, those profile needs to be deleted or deactivated before uninstalling the application from the device.

Once an individual has followed these particular steps, the application will be easy to uninstall. As the application does not want to leave behind any insecurities, all of the password authentications and fake profiles must be removed before uninstalling. It should be kept in mind to delete the junk file after uninstalling the application so as to remove any unwanted files. 


After the introduction of the Internet in this world, most of the work and even the sensitive data came up on smart devices. In such a condition, sometimes individuals have their personal application files, folders, etc., that they do not want to share with the world. In such conditions, AppLock Mod APK provides several features and functionality to the individual in order to hide their sensitive and personal files from any other’s access. 

It comes with several features, including creating a fake profile, multiple passwords, 2-level authentications, gallery background, etc. With all of these decent and useful functions, the AppLock mod apk is the widely used application for securing your application and sensitive files.


  1. What are the features of AppLock Mod Apk?

AppLock Mod APK provides a number of features and facilities to the individual so as to protect and secure their personal file and information. Some of the general features that the App Lock Mod APK provides include 2-level authentication, Creation of decoy Gallery, multiple passwords, Data burner, creation of fake profile, etc.

  1. Is AppLock Mod APK available for free?

Yes, AppLock Mod APK is available free of cost. Moreover, all of its premium functions and features come for free for individuals who have the AppLock Mod APK.

  1. What do you mean by an AppLock?

An AppLock is a software application that can be installed on any smartphone. It works as the protection and security software that hides certain programs, application files, images, documents, etc. As per the user’s requirement, it might not be visible on the home screen or any folder.

  1. How to use AppLock Mod APK?

AppLock Mod APK is quite easy to use. Once you’ve downloaded the application, you must set up a single password or multiple passwords for the application you want to hide. The application itself will create a hidden folder for those applications that the individual’s password can only access.

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