Among Us Mod Apk v2022.9.20 Latest [Unlocked Skins & Pets]
NameAmong Us
PublisherInnersloth LLC
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UpdatedSeptember 29, 2022
MOD FeaturesUnlocked

The among us game is very popular at this time, this game has a unique concept for gamers to play this game. In this game, you play on astronauts under the rockets. This game has seen a factory or house where gamers have to complete their challenges.  The Among Us Mod Apk game is played by almost every child also young people. In this game for complete challenges you have to utilize your brain because Imposter has to kill you or if are you, an imposter, a group member has to catch you and you have to lose this game.

In this game, you have to play online as well as an offline mode where available 4 to 15 members and among us game have to choose one to three players have imposter who kills crew member and do not complete their task. This game is played by astronauts if a crewmember catches an imposter by voting then the crewmember throughout Imposter to the outside of their rocket and this player has to die and win crewmember.

This game is very interesting for a child because here avatar is cartoons, and children utilize their own knowledge to win this game but Among Us Mod Apk is more features to play this game. Playing this game helps to memory sharp and active. This game is very easy to play just like a simple game but utilizes your brain to win this game challenges, so everyone has to play this game. we are providing Among Us Mod Apk which is available with more features, tips, and tricks and help to win this game for beginner to the pro players in this game.

among us mod apk

Among Us Mod Apk

The Among us game is a multiplayer game and interesting game which can play everyone like small children, as well as youth, are playing this game. In this game, the characters look like cartoons which are very attractive to children who play these games. It is a very famous game just like an action game and so simple to play this game we are providing Among Us Mod Apk which added by extra feature. This game has different challenges for the different game players in a single game and everyone tries to complete these challenges.

This game is almost played by small child because in this game avatar is look like a cartoon or funny which easily attract children. In this game Among Us Mod Apk or Among Us game challenges have very unique and gamers have to utilize their knowledge to own this game or complete their challenges. In this game, Imposter kills a Crewmate without completing their task but if a crew member has to catch an Imposter then the crew member wins this game very easily.

The Among Us Mod Apk download here and we are describing complete details of this game with its feature and how to play our device. We describe how to pro in this game and easily catch imposter for win a game as well as giving tips to kill every crewmember if are you, imposter, in-depth knowledge provided in this article.

How to play Among Us game describe in a simple way

It is a multiplayer game where you can play both online modes as well as offline modes. If are you play offline mode your friend or game partners have must install this game and you have to send a request to join a game by a code similarly you can accept a friend for playing this game by accepting button, if are you play online you can accept or send request your friend who have online or internet connection and you play this game when your friend or game player have to 4 to 10 member you have to start a game very easily.

In a one-game Among us have to choose one to three Imposters and other members have to crewmember, the task of all Among Us Mod Apk game players has to be different due to different characters.

Feature of Among Us Game

Multiplayer support

This game allows multiplayer to play on a single game, where 4 to 15 players have to join in a game and play. In this game, one to three players have an imposter who kills a secret crewmember and such that time out of all members is crewmember which finds an imposter also complete their task for win a game. In this game, you can add your game partner online like as offline.

Game play in online and offline mode

This game is very popular due to the concept of challenges of this game. You can play this game online as well as offline with your friend but this game required at least 4 players up to add 15 players to play a single game. Players of this game have easily available in online mode due to huge installation or downloading this application worldwide. Playing this game is very easy to Among Us Mod Apk because it provides extra features as compared to the original application.

Easily access or simple to use

This game is played by anyone very easily due to the structure of this game and it is designed to play a child very easily and not face any complicated issues. It is a very simple game and gamers have it easy to play this game.  This game Among Us Mod Apk provides many features compared to the original game which helps gamers by describing their task and showing how you complete this task very easily.

Secure for our system

This game is developed by American game studio Innersloth which maintain proper security provided to all game player. This game is not easily hacked by anyone also developer team give an update from time to time and solve their issue which helps to secure this game. we are share Among Us Mod Apk which security provide our system and not hanging.

Feel like entertainment

In this game, you can join very easily as like as play, so children to old man have to play this game very easily. This game is providing a simple task that anyone can complete easily but required smartness. In this game you find an Imposter if are you a crew member similarly kill a crew member if are you Imposter and do this work very secretly. This game is providing science fiction horror films and Mafia game feelings, so everyone enjoys playing this game.

Support Cross-platform

This game is available on all types of devices like Android, IOS and windows, so it is a cross-platform gaming application. This feature helps to join every type of gamer who loved to play this among us game. We are providing Among Us Mod Apk which get support all type of device.

Emergency Meeting

It is a great unique feature of this game, this feature helps to choose Imposter whose kill crew member. In this meeting, all of the members of this game have to vote against a particular member for doubt about whether he is an imposter. In this meeting, if most of the member are voting against a particular member this member have to out this game, so it is a very important part to choose an imposter in an Emergency meeting because it decreases a member of your group. This meeting has to benefit an Imposter from inputting wrong information on crew members.


In this game, you have randomly assigned a role that decides you are an Imposter or crew member. In this game, if are you assigned a crew member you have to complete your as well as find an Imposter to save yourself as well as your member which helps to win similarly if your work is assigned to an Imposter you have to kill a crewmember secretly and escape you when a meeting arranges. We are sharing with you to download link of Among Us Mod Apk which opens all skins in this MOD version.


The graphics of this game is poor but the game is popular due to its unique concept and its simplicity. In this game, you can see a normal graphic like a simple game all are not much more attractive to a person but it is very useful to a small child for gameplay. Gamers when playing a game they have easy access to all the features, the game provides a very simple task completed by using her brain, and when you play this game have felt your childhood.

How to Download and Install Among Us Mod Apk

Click Download bottom on the top of the article for downloading this Among Us Mod Apk on your device. This file is used for all types of devices like android, Pc, and IOS, and after download, you can follow the simple step for the installation on your device.

Step-1: find the download file on your device which downloads on our website. (Download bottom)

Step-2: Enable the “Unknown source” option on your device by following “setting> Security setting”, which helps to install this Mod Apk file. In the windows, it is asked to allow “Unknown source” you simply allow it.

Step-3: Now open the downloadable APK file and click install bottom to start the installation but in windows, it asks some permission to install this app you allow all of the permission as your choice.

Step-4: Click “Open” bottom after installation is completed then start playing Among us game.

Alternative App:

Rule of the Among us game

The rule of among us game which has to follow when are you play this game and rule is given below.

  1. All are imposters are dead. (crew win)
  2. All tasks are complete (crew win)
  3. If an equal number of crew members and imposter. (imposter win)
  4. Imposters or crew members are selected in a game randomly.
  5. You can control your game character by keyboard, mouse, or touchpad.
  6. You can discuss a vote against an imposter or if you are not sure you have to skip it.
  7. After killing an imposter, you continue on this game and complete your task like a ghost.

Feature of Among Us Mod Apk

In this MOD application, you get all of the features of among us game as well as get extra features. The feature of the MOD Apk is very useful to every gamer because he has paid money to unlock this particular feature also you have to wait for a long time due to the enable this feature

Premium unlocked

In this, Among Us Mod Apk is providing a premium feature which easy to your gamming and unlocks many of the features on this game. In the original game, you can pay money to access the premium feature but it is free to provide you access to this feature which gets more benefits to your gameplay.

No Ads

In this mod application, you cannot see any type of ad because we are providing gamers to play this game without any distraction. It is a very useful feature on this Among Us Mod Apk game. This feature is very helpful to gamers because they play this game very smoothly.


The graphics of this Mod game are very attractively compared to the original game graphics because this mod application enables features of premium.

Meeting and voting

In this, Among Us Mod Apk you have to arrange an emergency meeting anytime after seeing a dead body. In this mod version, you have to skip voting against any member or choose an Imposter.

The feature enables for Imposter

If are you an Imposter in the game you have access to travel from one place to another which helps to hide after you kill a crew member in a game.

All skin unlocked

This type of game is help to unlock all of the skin like Archaeologist skin, Astronaut skin, Black Suit skin, CCC skin, Doctor Skin, etc. These skins help to play a game and it gives ease to a game and shows a different avatar which gets more attractive than another game player.

All maps unlocked

This Among Us Mod Apk have allow to access all type of map that helps gamers to experience all type of game like MIRA HS, Poles, Airship, and Skilled maps.

Enable all types of Hats

Hats are Angel Halo, Angry Eyebrows, Antlers, Archaeologist Hat, Backwards Cap and every hat are enable this gaming app we are providing in this gaming application.

All Pets are unlocked

pets are around 10 to above all are like Squig, Bedcrab, Headslug, UFO, Doggy, Hampton,  Mini Crewmate, Ro-Bot, H. Stickmin, E. Rose, Glitch Pet, Bush friend, Magmate, Snowball, Charles Chopper, Heimerdinger’s Poro, Frankendog, Deities Guy, Clank and Guilty Spark which are accesses in this gaming app.


Q: Why Among Us game popular?

Among Us game is a simple game that plays for almost every kid, as well as it improves the brainpower of the kids. The game is available free of cost and kids have to enjoy playing this game because it is a science fiction horror feeling and catch an Importer by her use of the brain. This game is help to strong friendships because it is a multiplayer game and also improves the brainpower of your kids.

Q: The Among Us game is free?

Yes, this game is almost free also it is available for all types of devices like android, IOS, and Windows on their own app store. It supports offline as well as an online mode for gamers. It is a very simple interface, so every type of person has to play this game.

Q: Is among us game a single game?

No, It is a fully multiplayer game and in this game at least 4 players have added one to three players have Imposter and another player crew member. This game challenges for imposter is killed every crew member secretly but challenges cure member has to find the imposter also complete their task before killing by the imposter, in this challenge win one side of the game player whose complete their challenges.


Thank you for reading our article Among Us Mod Apk from top to bottom. We are clearly explaining all of the things which we are providing in this game, firstly you are clear of all of these things and sure to download this Mod version quickly to your device because you have got the extra feature of the original app. You have more features like all maps unlocked, unlimited pets with no ads also many types of benefits you have to get in this gaming application.

Among Us Mod Apk is a gaming application that has to play every person from kids to old people. It is a very simple game but utilizes the brain to complete challenges. It is very popular in the list of games, and gamers have loved to play this game because of the unique game concept and simplicity of use. The game Among Us Mod Apk is available on all types of devices like android, windows, and IOS systems.

This game is not harmful to our brain but it improves our brain function like finding a killer (Imposter) and how to kill a member (crew member) in this game. It is very attractive to kids because in this game an available carton avatar and simple graphics also body moment is so funny. It is a multiplayer game available offline as well as online mode, so every people have to play this game team-wise very easily.

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